7 Impressive Ways to Make your Content Engaging

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Are you attempting to write intriguing and superbly engaging content? This article will certainly be quite helpful. Many new writers are emerging every day leading to lots of content on the Internet. They are writing about all sorts of things; relevant and irrelevant, dull and interesting hence readers have to scrutinize the content they read before tiring their eyes and wasting hours reading the useless material. All that is required to write an article is a good topic, proper mastery of the concept of interest, a clear understanding of an appropriate language and some time to spare. Is this difficult? I don’t think so.

The aim of a serious author is not simply to develop content for people to read. It involves creating current, relevant, interesting and exciting material that readers will appreciate. If you are not doing this then you may have misplaced priorities as a writer. Writing is fun and enjoyable especially if you have a passion for it. It should arouse the same feeling in the readers, hence it will be quite unfair if you don’t develop an engaging piece. Are you wondering how to do it brilliantly?

1. The opening statement should win over the readers


The opening statement forms a first impression for the readers that can either hook them on your work or lose them completely. It serves two purposes; to arouse the curiosity of the readers by providing a glimpse of what the article is all about and grabbing their attention. These two must be accomplished for maximum success.

There are a few ideas for tested and proven statements that have served these purposes superbly. The first one is shocking statistics about the topic of discussion. For instance, ‘According to the UK Health Journal of 2016, there are over 10,000 deaths in the country every year as a result of doctors’ negligence’. It is obvious that people do not expect such numbers, therefore, no reader will stop at this point. Secondly, you can use a thought-provoking question like ‘Do you know the source of the water you drink every day?’ A quote can also work perfectly, or a short story.

These are excellent statements that will ensure that you grab the attention of your readers. You can follow them up with a few intriguing sentences in the introduction to enhance the effect, and you will have overcome the first obstacle of developing an excellent post.

2. Utilize the power of every paragraph, sentence, phrase or word


All the sections of your work are important. The opening statement can hook your readers but this is not permanent. You have to keep the fire burning throughout the article. Use fancy words and phrases and develop awesome content. You can write the entire article and read it through. If you notice dull and ambiguous statements, you can replace them with more interesting ones. You can use rewriting services to get rid of the useless sections of your work and replace them with better alternatives.

3. Use short sentences and paragraphs

short sentences

No one enjoys reading lengthy sentences and paragraphs. You should not read a sentence out loud and stop to catch your breath at a point that has no punctuation mark. This is a sign of long tedious sentences. Write short sentences that will cover a single point at a time. A single line should not have numerous verbs, adverbs, and adjectives. Short sentences will enable you to have short paragraphs of four to five sentences, which is quite ideal.

4. Simplicity


Can you imagine reading an article while constantly checking the dictionary for the meanings of words? This is quite depressing, therefore you should not expose your readers to such agony. Use simple, clear and straightforward words that will be easily understood by anyone. There will be no ambiguity, hence your work will be a success. The readers will relate to the content and enjoy the article. Do not be deceived that the use of highfalutin jargon makes your work any better. Actually, it makes it boring and complicated. Perhaps you may have to get a paper writer to make your work simpler if you can’t maintain simplicity.

5. Use simple and interesting language


There are elements of language that ‘decorate’ your work. They include idioms, analogies, sarcasm, irony, and symbolism. These features do not come out as sophisticated but they make your article engaging and interesting. You should use them sparingly in various sections of the work. This will make the work enjoyable to read.

6. Consider the target audience

target audience

You cannot use certain phrases, jokes or even analogies to address some age groups. You should be mindful of the people you are trying to address. The use of plain language can be very intriguing for the older generation and the article can be quite informative. But, can you use the same type of language when addressing the youth? They will ignore the article and prefer to sleep rather than wasting time with your boring content.

Hence you must know whom you are addressing. Use scientific language on professionals, simple language on laymen, the plain language of the old, fancy and exciting words and phrases for the youth and basic language for kids. This will ensure that you don’t go wrong.

7. Originality


This is a very important consideration. The article must be unique. It is quite unfortunate if your readers realize that they have read something similar elsewhere. I doubt they will even spend another minute reading your work. Besides this factor, plagiarism checking software will also detect copied work and your article may never be published. Originality is key when writing any type of article.

However, there are exceptions where you can be excused. For instance, if you want to incorporate an interesting sentence that you read somewhere, you can use a sentence changer to avoid the plagiarism generator. This will not impact negatively on your reader’s enthusiasm but can make your work more interesting.

These are 7 impressive ways to make your content engaging. You will never go wrong with them. Try them out and develop an interesting article.

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Jason Gordons a content-writer at Rewriting Service. His hobby is his work. Jason is crazy about traveling and his life motto is: “Fill your life with experiences, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.”

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