6 Tips Law Firms can Use to Boost Their Mobile Ad Campaign

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As posted on a mobile advertising agencies list, Bryan Mixon said that “mobile advertising gives advertisers the highest chances of being seen by their target audience.”

However, it is not easy and it can be expensive.

Nonetheless, with more and more people glued to their smartphones day-in and day out, it would be a mistake to not include mobile advertising in your marketing mix.

That said, here are six ways on how you can properly implement and boost your mobile ad campaign.

1. Know your audience first


Back in 2013, advertisers pay at least $1.50 for every mobile installation, which makes a large segment of the mobile ads business. However, a lot of these installations are rendered useless since they do not stick for long.

That’s why Robi Ganguly of Apptentive advises that you work backward when running a mobile advertising campaign. Start by understanding your mobile consumers, and why they would choose to install your mobile app.

“Understand your mobile customers, which ones use your app the most, why they do so and who they are. Then, and only then, can you start making mobile ad buys with a reasonable chance of growing your business in a successful and repeatable manner.”

2. Set concrete goals per campaigngoals-2691265_1920

Before running a mobile ad campaign, it is important to figure out your objectives first. What are you trying to achieve with this campaign?

It can be as simple as drawing your users’ attention. However, your goals must be more concrete than that.

Keep in mind that your users can read and skip your mobile ad campaign in a jiffy, especially when they are just scrolling for interesting content.

So, instead of just getting their attention, you might as well compel them to click through to redirect them to your landing page and learn more about your brand. That way, you can give them more reasons to start a transaction with you.

For every mobile ad campaign that you run, make sure that you have a concrete way. That is the only way you can effectively implement your mobile ads.

3. Utilize remarketing strategies

Today’s competitive world pushes advertisers to be creative and innovative than ever. Thus, remarketing tactics were born.

Reconnect with people who have already viewed your products or services. Moreso if they have added a product on their online cart but, for some reason, did not push through with purchasing.

Focus your mobile advertising efforts to those who have expressed interest with your brand. Use remarketing pixels to help you create an almost personalized campaign. That way, you can spur them to convert as a paying customer, as well as boost your ROI.

As Sylviane Nuccio pointed out, “If your advertising campaigns are not achieving substantial ROI, think about how you can make the next campaign as personalized as possible.”

4. Optimize your mobile landing page

When a user clicks on your ad, it is recommended that they will be redirected to a landing page.

A mobile landing page is important for a mobile user, much like how a regular landing page is important for a desktop user. And by important we mean that it should provide a great user experience.

In theory, a landing page that is optimized for conversion can lower your acquisition cost. Acquisition cost is the amount you need to pay when someone clicks on your mobile ads.

Meanwhile, an optimized landing page can help increase your conversion rate and ROI. That’s because your content provides what your audience needs, and it is compelling enough to encourage conversion.

5. Include a phone number

The cool thing about running a mobile ad is that you can encourage your audience to call you instead of redirecting them to a mobile landing page. They are already on their mobile phone, so might as well seize the moment.

With the help of call extensions on Google AdWords, you can display your business’ mobile or phone number instead of a traditional headline. That way, you are giving them an easy option to contact you.

And according to Mark Irvine, you will still be charged the standard cost-per-click whenever a user clicks on your phone number to initiate a call. Nonetheless, you already have potential at the other end of the line. So, it is relatively a worthy mobile ad investment.

6. Consider other ad networks

Just because you are running a mobile ad campaign does not mean that you have limited options. In fact, you can still run banner ads on mobile.

These banner ads can be displayed on apps and some mobile websites. In relation to this, you can use Google’s display ad builder or any design software when creating a mobile ad banner.

An acceptable mobile banner size for Google is 300 x 250, and you can even place it above the fold, as long as it will not hinder a user from consuming content. After all, accessing the Internet on a smartphone means that they can only consume content on a small screen.

There are also larger advertising formats available such as the mobile ad interstitial, provided that it is not intrusive.

Knowing your target audience and creating a mobile ad that is in line with your concrete business goals sets the direction of your campaign. Just keep in mind that your options are not limited to a small screen. That said, you need to have a creative and compelling ad to boost its click-through and your ROI.

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