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Landing Page is going to help you have constant presence of our templates on your website, generating good traffic and making your sales grow constantly. Please take a look at 8 different sets of Localized Landing Pages (8 different languages) we are offering to you. You can simply open the folder and click on the “index” to open it in your browser and you’ll see how it looks like! If you have no specific preferences just take “all templates” landing page!
  • Unpack the zip file and insert your personal affiliate ID in the index file (by opening it with any text editor). You can simply replace all “{###AFF_ID###}” by your Affiliate ID using “Ctrl + H”.
  • The best way to advertise them is actually to make a separate category in your navigation menu on your homepage + promote the page through the banner/other articles + social media + paid traffic + any other legal method.
  • All you need to do is to put the file to the chosen folder on your FTP panel. Please, mind that landing page would gather more traffic if you put it on your main page or in one of your website’s categories and tell your readers about it by all possible means.If you need help uploading your files to the FTP, here is the video tutorial or simply use text instructions.
P.S.: It is strongly advised to provide customized descriptions for themes and selected the current top-performing templates (or adding more themes according to your choices).
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Please mind that the landing pages are simply ready-made patterns and we have also put the <meta name=”robots” content=”noindex”> tag on them to avoid the possibility of duplicate content. You are NOT going to lose organic Google traffic because of that.

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