How To Boost Your Agile Team Performance

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You have opted for an agile approach on your next project and have gathered a team of exquisite individuals with set of skills needed to complete the job. However, they are not rising to the expectations and aren’t performing as it is expected of them. You need to react before project ends in failure.

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Agile team is still a team

First thing you need to remember is that your Agile team is still a team, made of individuals working for the same cause, focused on the same goal. Therefore, there are few key rules you must remember if you want to boost your team’s performance:

  • Set clear team goals – Setting a straightforward team objective is a paramount for achieving success. Take this into consideration when planning a web development project. If team is clear and aware of what is expected of them, there will be a lot less uncertainty as well as time wasting and the efficiency will rise as a result.
  • Clear and straightforward communication is the key – A cornerstone of any team’s functionality is clear Not only should you be effective in communicating with other team members and getting your message across, but you should also make sure that your message is well received.
  • Team success should and will be rewarded – Whether material or verbal, recognition has always been one of best motivators for achieving good results. Studies show that even individual incentives can boost team’s performance, so awareness that there is possibility of some sort of reward for success can be a huge moral boost for your team.
  • Make the best of your team – Because agile team is consisted of individuals with various skill sets, the way manager uses their strengths and weaknesses can mean the difference between success and failure. Make sure you know your team member’s strengths well and that their skills are used to the fullest.



  • Build trust – lack of trust not just between team leader and team members, but between colleagues as well, can destroy the team from within. Trust provides a sense of safety and therefore is fundamental for effective teamwork. Team members who trust each other as well as their manager speak up, open up and take appropriate risks more often.

Then again, Agile team is more than just a team

To get the best out of an agile team, you should allow it to be self-organised and self-directed. By doing so you enable your team members to manage complex tasks by themselves and figure out the best way to complete them. Also, there are several moves you can make that can help an agile team boost their performance on projects.

Invest in your team before the start of the project – just like sports teams should go through summer preparations for the purpose of forming a better bond and better understanding during a season, so should your software-development team prepare for the upcoming web development projects. Research shows that teams who establish performance strategies early on are more likely to achieve long term goals. However, successful early preparation often implies consideration of both teamwork and taskwork needs.

  • Use collaboration software – Using adequate software in day to day supervision of agile teams is crucial. Why? Because there can be dozens of team members scattered on just as many locations, so good communication and task tracking is essential. By implementing a user-friendly web development project management software into your business, you can be stay in touch with every team member and track their progress in real time.



  • Organise daily stand-up meetings – By arranging these meetings, you can give brief and meaningful feedback to your team and determine current and potential problems in a swift manner.
  • Mentoring and tutoring might be required – keep in mind that Agile approach is adaptive approach in which constant changes can be expected. Therefore you should prepare for the possibility that some of your team members should require mentoring or tutoring when they encounter the obstacle on the project or when the new technologies are suddenly introduced.
  • Organise brainstorming sessions – Even though they can be frowned upon, brainstorming sessions can prove indispensable for team’s resolvement of issues, as well as improvement and innovation of processes. Also, face-to-face communication is the ideal way to communicate on agile web development projects, so it is highly recommended for the agile team to be located in a common area.
  • Communicate face to face, even with your remote workers – Agile teams often rely on outside help and members who live in different locations, cities and sometimes even in a different countries. However, as a team leader you should try to have personal meetings with them as often as possible. Using software solutions like Skype or Slack allows you to keep face to face communication with your remote workers, making them feel they are a part of the team despite the distance.

Your team is your greatest resource and therefore you should do everything in your power to help them improve – as a team and as a group of individuals. Their ideas make projects jumpstart, their teamwork makes projects propel and it is because of their shared responsibility that projects get done on time. However, you should always remember that it is your leadership they look up to and that is your duty to make sure everything functions without hiccups.

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Rachel is currently working as the vice president of communications at Active Collab. After finishing her master’s degree in Communications she pursued a career in the digital industry, most notably in marketing and public relations.

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  • I was with a cross-functional group in a telecommunication company and learned a lot of things on how to work together as well as found my boss leading our team in a creative way. The ways you have shown here are very creative and effective that one should learn who is going to lead an agile team. Thanks for your excellent ideas.

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