Why The Future Of Ecommerce Lies In Apps

10.08.2018 2 comments

Smartphones made the lives of users a lot easier for a good few years now. The number of mobile users is increasing at a rapid pace, so it makes sense that the number of people shopping from mobile devices is also on the rise. The majority of online businesses are now trying to keep up with this trend and bring their products to the fingertips of shoppers via those devices.

One way of achieving this is through the creation of a mobile app. Apps tend to be user-friendly and provide customers with an overall good shopping experience. We are moving towards the times where brick and mortar stores may become obsolete, therefore, not paying attention to mobile apps as a business could prove fatal.

Let’s have a look at a few points that show why mobile apps are important for online retail!

Easy Payment

Customers using a mobile app to shop can pay for their items quickly and efficiently. The payment gateways are pretty simple to use, there is a number of payment options, and business get the value for the product they sell.

Understanding Markets

Mobile apps make it easy for businesses to work out what the customer wants, be it what products are more in demand, what is searched more, the age group she belongs to, and much more. The apps can track consumer behavior much more efficiently than a website.

Customer Loyalty

It is possible for businesses to build customer loyalty simply by having a customer-friendly app. If a customer has a hassle-free shopping experience, she is likely to come back for more. Speaking of coming back for more, monthly products like subscription boxes are one of the best ways to maintain and grow an army of satisfied customers.

Our friends from Subscriptionly are well-aware how important is customer loyalty since they’re doing subscription boxes reviews for quite a while now. E commerce trends can help you grow your business, but they can’t tell you build a steady relationship with your clients. Still, research has shown that 43% of customers prefer having a personalized experience so that will be our next topic.


Apps are getting cleverer, and today it is possible to create apps that can understand the needs of customers and show them personalized content. This makes customers feel special and important and may encourage them to spend more with the brand. They will feel that the company values their opinions and choices.


Mobile apps automatically give businesses a wide reach, as a lot of mobile users have the potential to become customers. Nowadays, more people go online using smartphones than desktop, so it makes sense for businesses to focus on developing apps to perfection.


An app gives businesses the ability to quickly include a range of features. For example, you could add in chat support, customer loyalty support, wish lists, and much more.

You can either create the app yourself or use a professional company to do the job for you. Whichever path you take, now is the time to begin your eCommerce app journey.

The use of apps is not the only eCommerce trend that we are likely to see emerging over the coming years. It is also likely that we will see delivery times get faster, the use of cryptocurrencies to make payments, and a much more personalized service overall.




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