What Marketers Should Learn from Designers

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The user or the customer experience is something with which every marketer and designer should be obsessed, because marketers and designers should work together to create a bridge between brand and customer.

But think about the following situation? How would a company look if it did not have a marketing department? It wouldn’t have a strategy, a target and the results, the informative data about the customer, the market or the competition. But what about design? How would a company look without the design component? What would all of the user experience be like then? How would you choose the color palette?

This is why every marketer and designer should be important components for any small business or start-up.

I’m a content marketer and I’m on a continuous journey learning, adapting, executing and looking for inspiration for my projects. And, often, I need to talk with different people in our company about how to accomplish a certain task. This is why I love chatting about the design trends of the year with our designer, about the importance of customer service with our customer support unit or about which social media channel will be the next big thing in 2017, with our social media manager.

We can learn so many things from each other!

But in this article I want to share with you my 4 takeaways on what a marketer should learn from a designer.

Have your private idea box

idea box

Think about the last time when you had a great idea and you said to yourself that you will write it down when you get home or when you have a little free time. And guess what, you never ever wrote down that idea. Why? Because it simply disappeared from your mind.

Well, this is why you need to have your own “sketchbook” near you all the time. Just like a designer carries a sketchbook everywhere he goes.

This is what I’ve learned from a designer. If you want to be good at something, practise it every time you can and write down your ideas so you don’t lose them!

What I did was download the Evernote app to my iPhone. Every time I have an idea for a project, for an article, for a guest post or for my side projects I write it down. If I hear a great quote, I write it down. And this is how simple my work can be when I start doing something. Because I already have a head start.

Take away tip: Don’t let your ideas evaporate. Keep them in your pocket. Have your own idea box. Even if it’s a mobile app, Sketchbook, Moleskine journal or Google docs.


Find inspiration in other niches


I believe that inspiration is everywhere. If you want to be a writer and you don’t know what to write, just go outside, take a walk, look around you and describe the view. If you want to be a designer, but you don’t know from where to start, just grab a pen and paper and start drawing whatever you want. If you want to be a great marketer, just start a side project, launch a blog and start promoting it on the Internet using every tactic you read about.

I love how Cameron Chapman wrote this article about Finding Inspiration in Uncommon Sources and I believe that this topic can be a great fit even if you are a marketer. You need a tagline for your banner ad? Just open a magazine and look through the titles. You need inspiration for a strategy to launch a marketing campaign? Just read a fiction book or look at some movies.

Inspiration can be found anywhere. You just need to open your eyes.


Pixel perfect


What does “pixel-perfect” mean? – It describes the consideration of every detail, down to individual pixels.

That means that the designer is so obsessed about the details that he/she will take a lot of time to design something that maybe, at first sight, doesn’t look important but, as we all know, details make the difference.

When was the last time when you, as a marketer, rushed through the Adwords campaign just to finish it so you could go and create something else? How did that specific Adwords campaign work out? Did it generate the volume of results you wanted? Exactly. This is how important being focused on details is.

 “The details are not the details. They make the design.”- As Charles Eames said.

Creativity Block


You are not a robot designed to work every single moment once you are plugged in. Even robots need a moment to recharge. Just like your phone or your laptop. They have a battery that is helping them to work, but when the battery is depleted, they need time to be charged again.

And this is why you, as a marketer, need to understand that you need to take a break. You can’t work every single day, hour and minute at the same speed. You will experience something we call a creativity block. Or worse, a burnout.

Yes, you will reach a creativity block like so many designers often have.

So what should you do? Nothing (work related). Just do something that interests you. Go for a walk, take pictures, go to a concert and do whatever helps you to recharge your batteries.

Even marketers have a creativity block, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t recharge.



These are my 4 ideas on what a marketer should learn from a designer and why it’s important to work together. Because together they can build a better business, a better company or even a better world for themselves.

Now back to you, let me know in the comment section what else you think a marketer should learn from a designer!

Written by:
Robert Katai

Robert Katai is visual marketer, blogger, and brand evangelist at Bannersnack, a professional banner creation app for designers & marketers. Passionate about visual marketing, Instagram, content marketing, and always up-to-date with the latest trends.

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