Ultimate Guide to Video Advertising

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Have you ever wondered why video content accompanies the majority of your Internet search results?

There’s a logical answer to that: Video advertising is expanding at a feverish pace because it works. It is an efficient, engaging and quick way for information to reach your targeted audience.

Why Is Video the Next Big Thing?

YouTube has become the second largest search engine – just after Google – with over a billion users watching video content every day. This means that viewers are actually going to YouTube and conducting their searches there. This outcome owes its success to the fact that people are preferring to obtain the knowledge they are seeking, visually.

Furthermore, many social networks now focus almost solely on mobile phones. As a result, marketing video on mobile devices will outnumber desktop Internet videos in the next five years, according to Business Insider. For that reason, it is necessary for entrepreneurs to use video to promote their products through other, mobile-based social media platforms, such as Snapchat, Periscope, or Instagram.

video advertising


Still not convinced that digital video is crucial to your business? Check out these three considerations:

  • Opportunities for SEO improvement – Video is proven to stand out on search engines. Why? It’s all about the keywords. For instance, when the video name and description correspond with the content of the video, you’re able to rank your business higher in Google searches.
  • The chance to show your product’s purpose –The use of holograms still looks like a thing from the distant future, and virtual reality has not yet reached its full potential. Hence the most common way to describe the product in real life is to demonstrate it via video.
  • Succcessful marketing videos tackle people’s emotions – The average viewer will relate to your video if it triggers their emotions. By the time that connection is established, it creates a strong bond on a subconscious level. That bond results in a positive influence on the client’s decision-making process and their buyer’s journey.

How to Advertise with Video

According to eMarketer, digital video ad spending has seen a significant increase. By 2020, it is predicted that the U.S. alone will spend $28.08 billion on video ads, in contrast to the $9.9 billion spent in 2016. The result here is an overwhelming quantity of video data which will emerge on social media sites.

Numerous businesses have taken the opportunity to market themselves using video ads. A perfect example would be this Template Monster Affiliate’s team commercial:

Even smaller businesses have started realizing the true benefits of advertising with video. But where to start?

You may think that it takes thousands of dollars and a crew of professionals to make a commercial. Well, it doesn’t. If you’re adept enough to record a video with your cellphone, anything is possible. And if you want to take it to a more professional level, check the Boagworld’s guide to creating your own promotional videos.

Tips for Effective Video Marketing

Supposing that your tight schedule does not allow you to make your own promotional videos, then you can hire somebody else to do it for you. That’s where websites like Socialfix, Innovate Media or Valoso step in with professional videography and editing services. You receive access to scores of freelancers and a wide range of pricing options.

As we mentioned before, social media sites are the best places for your video to receive positive feedback. When you think the audience seeing your product is just too small, consider YouTube advertising as your primary video marketing strategy and branch out from there.

This way you can not only target a specific group of people, but you can also track which videos are driving subscriptions. Then you can analyze shares and comments to see the impact your product is having on social engagement sites. You can also check out YouTube’s website to see how businesses are using video marketing to increase engagement and drive sales.

video advertising

The targeted category of users constitutes more than half of all YouTube views through mobile devices. So whether you already have a profitable YouTube channel or not, you should consider investing in marketing on additional social websites, such as Facebook.

Additional Platforms for Successful Video Marketing

Facebook is constantly introducing new features and enhancing the desired video format to make it more user-friendly. Also, it is much easier for marketers to target groups via Facebook. All of that makes it YouTube’s biggest rival in terms of advertising. If you would like to offer your product to Facebook users, try following these short steps for easy and effective Facebook ads.

While strategizing your video marketing promotions on two major sites can provide excellent results, there are other media sharing platforms which also deserve your attention. One of them is Instagram. It’s parent company is Facebook, but in fact, it works as an additional platform in the Internet marketing realm.

Instagram-featured video ads may be anywhere from 15 seconds to one minute in length. That’s a perfect window in which to catch the viewer’s attention. Short video ads produced nearly two billion dollars in ad revenue in 2013, the year Instagram was launched. When you decide to advertise on Instagram, check out Instagram Advertising Basics.

Another media sharing application that has found it’s way to 41% of the younger generation’s mobile phones, is Snapchat. Snapchat is compatible only with the mobile format and gives businesses a unique approach to content filming and distribution.

The world of marketing has saturated Snapchat as well. It offers different types of ad formats and targeting is based on the channel’s demographics. To get started with advertising on Snapchat, refer to their website.


Profitable Video Advertising Examples

When a video commercial rings true to people, the views continue to grow exponentially. Soon, a video could reach a staggering number of 43 million views, just like this Adidas ad which became a viral hit.

You can also engage in a delivery of emotion-filled content and get over 57 million views like Ad Council’s commercial.

Video ads are the most fruitful form of online advertising, so consider incorporating them into your marketing plan as soon as possible.

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