Ready-Made Shop (RMS2) Webinar is Now on Youtube!

04.21.2016 2 comments

RMS2 or Ready-Made Shop version 2 is the TemplateMonster affiliate tool. Basically it is the independent white label API based website where the affiliate features the templates and sells them. This webinar shows how the RMS2 and its admin panel look, advantages of using it and what you need to know and to do in order to get maximum from this affiliate tool.

What you need to do to gain success with RMS2:

1. Choose the domain and hosting:

  • Domain must be related to what you sell.
  • Domain must be memorable.
  • Hosting must meet the RMS2 requirements.
  • If you are going to have large traffic – make sure your hosting can handle it.
  • Hosting tools must be comfortable for you.

2. Install RMS2:

  • Follow all installation instructions.
  • If you face any difficulties – just contact our affiliate support.
  • Once installed – make sure to set the cron update once a day during the less busy hours.
  • Check the file structure and admin panel.

3. Customize:

  • Add your logo.
  • Change default titles if needed.
  • Add texts and multimedia.
  • Use CSS!
  • Create your Custom Pages.

4. Promote and attract traffic:

  • Find your Niche.
  • Create a Business Plan.
  • Make sure the search engines know about your project.
  • Social accounts
  • Guest Posts and Articles.
  • Emails.
  • Legal paid forms of attracting traffic.
  • Write your Blog.

5. Analyse:

  • Use Analytics in MTS.
  • Use Google Analytics or its alternative.
  • Check your website to make sure it accepts traffic loads properly.
  • Follow up on the news from search engines, programming forums.
  • Follow up with our BLOG on

6. Expand your business:

  • Make several shops with different specialization or localization.
  • Combine Affiliate tools.
  • Outreach for new sources of traffic.


Written by:
Gerald Smith

Gerald Smith is a member of the TemplateMonster Affiliate Team. He is an experienced specialist in both: web-programming and marketing. Involved in RMS technology development and distribution. Researches modern ways of ready-made shop marketing and promotion. Dedicates his time to help affiliates develop their RMS business. Follow him on Google+ if you do not want to miss anything that can help you earn more income. .


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