How to Turn Social Media into Your Nine-to-Five Job?

07.07.2016 8 comments

Almost every other brand is now promoting itself on social media platforms, but what concerns them the most is how to turn your social media traffic and audience into real customers or as the basis of running a business. This is what the post aims to achieve, and here we will guide users as to how they can use social media to gain more traffic, more customers and more sales of their products. Before we delve into the actual discussion, it’s important for readers to understand that social media has now become a very popular and acceptable means of promoting brands and business because it’s associated with many benefits, as well as proving advantageous in increasing your earnings.

Benefits of Marketing on Social Media

Brand Recognition

brand recognition

Social media is undoubtedly an excellent way to let users become familiar with your brand, and, in turn, it becomes a benefit when the traffic gets converted into real time customers for your products. Here on social media, you can easily market your business and brands, and it spreads very quickly. When it is capable of reaching millions of users by appearing in their news feed events, your brand will reach the pinnacle of its popularity and will achieve ultimate recognition among the masses. It’s worth mentioning that 78% of small business owners attract their consumers through social media. When small business people are doing it, why would you not follow suit to expand your own earnings?

Increase in Traffic


Here the traffic represents the users who visit and check your official website after viewing the ads on social media. The traffic coming from your social media campaigns is converted to users, who are eventually attracted to your products and become your consumers. Thus, it’s obvious that marketing on social media increases sales and revenues of every brand. It doesn’t cost much, but it affects the number of users and subsequent growth in customers, who will eventually be purchasing your branded goods.

Turn Social Media into a Customer Center


A few days ago, I was checking my Facebook news feed, and I saw an ad for a clothing brand. The shirts and other accessories displayed there were somewhat awesome and attracted me. I decided to buy one shirt and so I contacted the customer service center on their official Facebook page. The representative in the care center responded to me immediately. I asked a number of questions, and he dealt with me in a professional manner. Finally, I decided to order a product, and it was delivered on the very same day to my address. Thus, it made buying my desired goods an easy process, and we can see that the Facebook page of a branded product provided a useful link for me to their customer service center. This should be applicable for every brand, and you can easily convert social media pages into your own customer care center. This will help in boosting the products, sales and conversion of traffic into customers.

Better SEO Rankings


When it comes to longevity in the market and maintaining the top position in the rankings, SEO ranking matters and it can be done better through promoting your brand on social media and other relevant blogs with large domains. When the traffic comes to your official website for visits and purchases, you will be able to update the customers through your blogs and content written on the site. In a nutshell, the social media advertisement proves handy in many ways to boost ranking, convert traffic into customers and increase sales.

Final Words

The whole discussion and all the points mentioned above have proved that it’s not as difficult as people might suggest, to make use of social media in your business. If some strategists and planners develop practical strategies on how to advertise branded products on social media effectively, you can gain a lot more by investing just a little extra effort.

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    • Hello, Mat, and thanks for the question)!
      First of all, you should bear in mind that your social media strategy will depend on the niche! If you have a restaurant you will need a Facebook Page, at the same time if you produce goods that are visually appealing – Instagram is your tool!

        • Hello, Jane, and thanks for the comment! I would say that you can use all social media networks in order to increase your brand awareness, but bare in mind your target audience and define where it actually is!

  • Hey Template Monster affiliates. what’s up?
    my question is: What social media would you choose as the best platform for promoting your business and earning quick and easy money?

    • Hey, Big Fifty, and thanks for the comment, once again it depends on your industry! Our Team make the most of all SMM tools!

  • Good piece of information for Template Monster ‘s affiliates. However, what about the quantity of followers? How can I gain that ASAP?

    • Hey, Joshua, thanks for your question! Our advice is to concentrate on the content you promote and on your target audience rather than increasing your followers number!

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