Top Events That Might Influence the Creative Design Trends in 2017

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Every year, designers from various spheres of the industry come together and talk about their experiences.This is a great way for designers to follow the current trends and listen to predictions about the upcoming design trends. Additionally, these are great places for those who get stuck and need ways to find motivation to go on.

Let’s take a look at some of the events that might influence current creative design trends.

TED, Vancouver

These conferences are not strictly design driven, but there are plenty of experts who come on the stage and start talking about different design trends. A lot can be learned from these conferences, and for those who cannot attend, there are different streaming options that will let you see and learn new things from experts around the globe.

Design Indaba, Cape Town


This is a great conference that manages to pull in a high number of lecturers, designers and experts in the creative design field. Every year, this conference is visited by more people. It is very likely that some trends mentioned that will certainly have influence in 2017.

Interaction 16, Helsinki

This three-day conference has a great impact on the design world, as some of the speakers represent huge companies such as Uber, BBC and MIT Media Lab. Given that these companies are current giants in their respective industries, it is sure that this conference had an impact on creative design trends in 2017.

99U Conference, New York City


This conference is organized by a well-known design software company, Adobe. The aim of the conference is to give practical tips to its visitors. Given that these tips and tricks are later on utilized by the attendees, it is clear that this conference greatly influences design trends every year, and it is no different in 2017.

TYPO Berlin

This conference used to be related to typography only, but after being held for over 20 years, the conference has grown to become the biggest one in the design industry. It covers talks in various design fields, including graphic design and ad design. It is a place that has a lot of influence on the industry, as leading experts show up and talk on various design topics.

Brand New Conference, Nashville, Tennessee

This conference is very important for the business world, as its main focus is on business logo design. As we all know, logos play an important role in branding strategies. This conference definitely influences the logo design industry, as new and future emerging trends are talked about every single year.

Adobe MAX, San Diego


Every year, Adobe holds this conference to present new updates about numerous features implemented in their software. It is a much visited conference, as there are plenty of interesting things to see. New features can mean new designs, so this conference certainly affects design trends every single year.

Web Summit, Lisbon

This conference is of great importance in the design industry, as the biggest companies around the world gather for this event. Design is one of the topics and you can see what designers from leading tech companies are working on. Given that many of these companies are trend setters; this conference has a great impact on the whole design industry.

These are the most important events that have a great impact on creative design trends. Try and visit as many of them as possible, as it is going to allow you to predict trends and stay on top of your design game.

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Sam Makad is an experienced writer and marketing consultant. His expertise lies in marketing, advertising, and graphic design. He helps small & medium enterprises to grow their business and overall ROI. You can follow him on Twitter, Linkedin.

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