Top 6 E-commerce Mobile App Design for Improving your Sales 2018

07.10.2018 3 comments

What was the last time when you went shopping and took too much of your energies as running around shopping malls, choosing what to buy and coming back with a load of bags in your hands. Isn’t it more convenient that you are handling everything just with your mobile gadget? Many web design company are making way more efficient efforts for the perfect front end just like they backend programming.

Ways of improving your sales

That’s exactly where your customer thinks they are supposed to be. Having a mobile app for your sales is one must for your business to prosper. Let’s begin with the basic facts that will help you in getting the Valuable Web Design Tips this year including the latest trend being followed this year by the programmers.


According to the latest stats by U.S mobile retail and commerce sales, mobile users are more towards preferring mobile application and are more often towards purchasing them online. This tendency is estimated to get stronger in more in near future.

On the other hand, account Internet Retailing it reports that only 1/10 among mobile retailers it actually offers an application for its customers.

So why should, retailers offer mobile applications?

 – It is one of the innovative ways for marketing producers and raising sales

 – Mobile stores are available anywhere as gadgets

 – The users can also buy anything with a single click

 – There will be more sales that mean more profit

 – It’s quite easy to gather about clients and their wishes and needs

 – You can also get in touch with their customers easier.

 – The less- the better

The screen of smartphones and the tablets are much smaller than laptops and PCs. Consider creating UX design for mobile applications. The website design visual area should not be cluttered with the images and the text. Menus, Buttons should be placed nicely so the screenshot doesn’t look that messy. The only way to make your app work is to add less content and more graphics.

E-commerce Mobile App Design

      1. Keep things simple and reasonable

The simpler you design the more likely you will be able to get more clients. While you design an eCommerce mobile app, think about users you are trying to target. Your application shouldn’t be one purpose related rather easy enough to capture most of the users need.

      2. Make it easier to buy by the people

What is your main purpose of the developing an app? If you want your clients to buy you a product then make simple instructions to do that. Making screen shorts for help would be even more appropriate.

      3. Make Purchase simple

In most of the platforms, it is seen that people usually add up a complex mechanism for purchase. The number of steps are complex and filled with numerous unlimited and unwanted things so this makes things go wrong and often potential people neglect it.

     4. Avoid sign up the process

People find long multi-page signup or checkout process boring. They just don’t have the patience for this, especially mobile app users.

People find long and multi sign up processes quiet boring. They just like to have the patience for anything like this. Social networks already have enough information related to the person whose information is kept over some other place. One click registration is one most preferred way of doing this. Customers usually don’t have much time for multiple registrations.

     5. Make login check out process simple

Log in and check out process simple can definitely bring a potential people in your space. You can make simple steps including sign-in processes and simple check out corner. There is nothing that can make your business grow other than the traditional way.

     6. Make it fast

Making application is fast is necessary. Applications usually are fully loaded with content and images. This not only increases loading time but also the annoy to people.

The above-mentioned e-commerce way of improving your sale and one best way followed by a web designing development company that will help every individual entrepreneur to take a good start in the market. This will not only help in improving sales but also in making a good business start this year.


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