Top 5 Reasons Content Marketing is Perfect for your New Business

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When you start a new business, the challenge seems enormous in respect of establishing your brand and reaching your target audience. While there are countless quality brands and respective business offerings in every niche, it is a challenge to give your brand it’s due prominence and discoverability. When you start with your digital campaign the first question that you should ask is why your target audience will take interest in your products and services?

Well, it is through contents you can allow audience knowing about your products and your business. So, the basic and most invaluable strategy to make a brand presence and drive audience engagement and traction is marketing your contents. Through content marketing, your brand gets exposure, reach and traction from the target audience. From a tv black friday sale to the most simple ones are available at affordable prices.

Let us explain here 5 reasons to do content marketing for your new business.

1. Building your business credibility

Let’s admit it: we feel drawn to products and services that bear a reputed brand identity with it. Let us also admit that the businesses that look authentic and quality focused only gain user attention. This is what credibility refers to. Now the question is how can your business look credible to your target audience? Undoubtedly, quality contents build the credibility of a business. Through contents, only users get impressed and have a better impression about your business. Ensuring mass market presentation with prime time media ads is another effective way to build credibility but unlike digital content marketing, this does not come cheap.

Publishing expert blogs in your website and publishing guest posts across other websites with deep links to the web content is a credible way to boost your presence and discoverability. Blogs that are unique in value proposition and engaging in style can help your website build expertise on your niche over a period of time. When by publishing quality blogs frequently you build a solid reputation of your contents, automatically this gives a boost to your credibility and trustworthiness.

2. Building consistent and loyal traffic

For any new business, the very first challenge is to generate a massive volume of inbound traffic. To build consistent traffic there is no other shortcut than offering quality contents. You need to deliver contents that can help your audience solve some problems or get answers to their questions. According to most recent studies, blogs and web contents help to generate a significant percentage of traffic for a website.

If the qualitative focus is something you cannot dispense with, you also need to focus on the volume of contents or frequency of posting contents. Besides drawing traffic through quality contents you should also post frequently to enjoy higher chances of coming on to search ranks and building the credibility of your web presence. More you publish, more frequently you publish and more quality you can ensure with every piece of content, more loyal an audience you can generate who visits your website frequently. Let us provide here some effective tips for your contents that can enjoy higher traction and engagement.•The blog title should be short, crisp, keyword optimized and attention grabbing for the audience.

•Ideally, a title should not exceed 65 characters.

•Start with a catchy introduction and don’t beat around the bush as it undermines the engagement quotient terribly.

•Write the content with a proper structure with heads, subheads, bullet points.

•Avoid writing long paragraphs as users these days prefer scanning contents at a glance rather than going through a long piece.

•The content should offer unique value in terms of pleasure of reading it and practical information and solution contained within.

•To establish your proposition further you can use images, illustrations, graphics, infographics, short videos, etc within your content.

•Do not forget to provide a Call To Action sentence in the end that can push the visitors to take a step.

3. Make a value proposition

What unique value your business offers? How your business can really add value to the user experience in general? There cannot be a better way to establish this value of your business than publishing audience-optimized contents on your website. Only through quality contents, you deliver value that drives your target audience to visit your website. This value proposition can be pushed forward through an array of content types including blog posts, articles, PDF documents, white papers, videos, and infographics.

Only your contents grab the attention of your target audience and impress them with your products and business offerings. When as a watchmaker you publish expert contents on the traditional art and science of watchmaking besides shedding light on the brands that you are selling and the kind of unique value you are providing with your watches, you can make the value proposition clear over a time. Instead of just publishing promotional contents, you have to tell the brand story, unique product attributes, customer appreciation, industry reputation and brand engagement attributes.

4. Generate leads and drive sales

When you established the brand image and unique value proposition with your contents, this is time to generate leads and convert business with the same traffic that your website receives. For B2B companies, blog posts generate a great majority of business leads. Quality blogs can quickly push a business to enquire about a service it needs. The expertise level and informative depth in a content can help a business prove its credibility that in turn can result in leads and business conversion.

5. Allow your web presence to remain fresh

Contents get old with every passing day since in this fast transforming world of web quality is only a relative and temporal term. A content which is considered unique and rich in information and useful attributes can just look obsolete with the appearance of better contents with the latest information and more value. This is why to keep your web presence fresh and alive over a period of time, you need to publish contents frequently and as often as possible. With only repeated, frequent and regular content publication, you can keep your website and digital presence fresh and lively.

In a snapshot

So, here we are in a digital universe where content is still the king. With contents being in the dominant position to drive branding, traffic, business conversion and audience engagement, every business now needs to focus on content marketing.

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Juned Ghanchi is the co-founder and CMO of IndianAppDevelopers, a mobile app development company which offers to hire app developers India for mobile solutions. Juned has 8 years of experience in online marketing especially in the tech sector.

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