The Top AdSense Alternative You’ve Been Asking About

11.21.2018 3 comments

It cannot be denied that the internet is a great resource for information. However, it also has some serious limitations, including the possibility of becoming an echo chamber. Case in point: your content monetization options. When the time comes to turning your blog content into revenue, Google’s AdSense often gets touted as the default choice. While AdSense does do a satisfactory job for some, it is not uncommon for bloggers to seek out alternatives to it. Why? There are a number of reasons why: from having your account banned by AdSense (which is often arbitrary and without explanation) to catering to a niche audience—an area where content monetization can be a tricky affair. Thankfully, there are some very viable alternatives to Google AdSense, and today I’d like to talk to you about my favorite one:

Many of you must already be aware of After all, their ads are the only way to tap into the Yahoo! Bing contextual ads network. Call me old-fashioned, but getting exclusive access to a $6 billion search demand market is always a big plus in my books. Of course, the numbers are just part of the story.

Where ads excel is the fact that they are contextual, i.e., ads based on the contents of the page they are displayed on. For example, if the article on your web page talks about a holiday destination, users will see ads related to travel—airfare comparisons, tourism promos, hotel deals, etc. Having contextual ads ensures that the user experience remains uninterrupted and that your readers aren’t exposed to “annoying” ads. Also, contextual ads tend to perform much better as well, which makes a lot of sense—if you’re reading an article on salmon recipes, are you more likely to be interested in an ad for a baking sheet or one for a foot-fungal cream?

medianet-gif Ad Units

Privacy is another area where’s contextual ads beat out AdSense. Since the ads are relevant to the content of the website and NOT on user behavior, there is no need for any kind of intrusive user tracking. We live in a world where internet users are becoming increasingly aware of their online privacy rights (remember GDPR?) and opting for a contextual ad network is certainly one way to ensure your readers will have one less thing to worry about.

One thing I like about ads is the wide variety of formats and designs on offer. Besides being pioneers of the D2S (Display to Search) ads, they provide a range of formats you can deploy. Moreover, the ad units—available in various sizes—are designed to be native, further ensuring optimum user experience and engagement. Instead of sticking out like a sore thumb (a common complaint about AdSense ads), ads look part and parcel your website, which again really has a positive impact on revenue performance. This, combined with the contextual nature of the ads, is especially helpful if your website covers a niche topic and is underserved by AdSense.

As you can see, there are quite a few good reasons why emerges as my recommendation for top AdSense alternative. And this without even going into the fact that has dedicated account support to ensure that you don’t miss out on valuable revenue. If you have a website with good content and traffic, getting approved is a fairly quick and easy process. You can [sign up here] today for an extra 10% over your earning for the first 3 months.


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