10+ TECH Trends Make Magento E-commerce Store Spring Up in 2018

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It is hardly undeniable that all facets have flourished owing to technological advancement, particularly business field. According to Statista, the number of retail e-commerce sales worldwide gained 2290 billion US dollars and are expected to continue to peak at 2774 billion in 2018. It also can be seen that global E-commerce is holding a strong growth domain with no signs of decline for 2018 and even in the following years. This is the reason why a research on the influence technology on Magento eCommerce site completed to provide you 10+ Magento E-commerce trends dominant in 2018.

1. Mobile Commerce

Needless to say, Mobile E-commerce deserves to be a dramatically influenced trend on Magento ecommerce site. More and more people are leaving desktop and using smartphones to browse the website and to store by installing apps making online purchases. It is a well-estimated that over 75 million shoppers make purchases throughout using their mobile devices. Therefore, a mobile-friendly design on Magento creation is very necessary to ensure that you can help users to get a better shopping experience. As a consequence, you can get access to mobile users raising the flow of traffic that can aid you to enrich your online sale. Such a mobile-friendly store or a mobile application, you can create these for users to use easily comprehending the features functioning perfectly.


Therefore, you should choose a beautiful Magento 2 Theme supporting Mobile Ecommerce.

Suggestion: Loftstyle – A Responsive Fashion & Apparel Theme with High-quality design, Attractive Lookbook.


Loftstyle is one of the best-selling products of Venustheme . When installing the theme, Customers will get covered not only a fully responsive website in the computer but also touch-optimized one for great tablets and mobile experience. It is perfectly optimized for user interaction.

2. Big Data And Analytics Will Spell Success


Another in top 10+ tech Magento E-commerce rank must mention Big Data and Analytics. These days, a vast of businesses are already employing Big Data for real-time analysis related to user demographics and behavior. Combined with analytics, Big Data enrich insights to customers in order to make profitable business decisions. Magento stores would embrace this technology featuring smarter outputs that can be an increasingly reasonable contribution to more enriching shopping experiences.

3. Artificial Intelligence dramatic growth


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is another trend which has been dominant in 2017 and predicted to hold its position in 2018. Alongside from transforming dramatically our lives and works, it is also capable of revolutionizing E-commerce retailing. AI technologies are utilized with the aim of understanding user behavior and power up contextual searches. Likewise, it provides the fundamental strategies that might be used for targeted marketing and improve the efficiency of the sales staff.

4. Push Notifications – Key to User Engagement

It would be a shortcoming when mentioning the trend tech in 2018 without Push notifications which update users about new product launches and other functions assist them in making a right decision. Furthermore, your business will push to a higher portion sale online via your Magento store. Excepting from product launches, it can be discounts, special offers, or abandoned reminders that make push notifications become very smartly.

5. Chatbots – An Essential

Being a form of Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots have been a tremendous influence on the Magento e-commerce site and is foreseen to bloom in 2018.  Such a smart software, which feeds the concept of conversational commerce throughout leveraging the machine language technology to interpret the client’s needs. As a smart alternative,  people can make use of Chatbots to human customer care executives who hold a key factor in online marketing.


It is obvious that Chatbots are absolutely in the top 2018 marketing tendencies that enable to contribute immensely to the digital success of both B2C and B2B eCommerce projects. To understand more about their role and functions in eCommerce, please read our previous article.

6. Live Videos – visualization

The contribution of video content in 2018 can be hardly undeniable. In fact, the incorporation of live videos would increase visitors come to your store to know more about the products. Live streaming videos, hence, is getting more preferable than traditional SEO showcasing the products and services in a different way, which inspires users to get familiar with all new facts. You can thus give your store an attractive look driving more traffic that helps you to enhance the overall profit margin improving the business set up.

Based on statistics, the number of customers wants to see much more video from sellers account for 43%. Consequently, nearly 48% of sellers plan to add YouTube to their content strategy in 2018. However, the only one thing companies should draw attention is measuring the productivity of different channels so that the right audience can be targeted in the right place and at the right time.

Some themes supported widgets and extension that you can use to post live videos into your online store such as: Ves Mesa


7. Smart Search Options

Another remarkable trend that is expected to emerge as a priority in 2018 is smarter searches. It is advisable for online stores to concentrate on smarter features integration such as filter options, intelligent autocomplete, and smarter breadcrumbs to make searches easier and more interactive for the users. These features not only enhance the experience but also keeps them engaged and builds their confidence in the business. It’s intended to create a more interactive platform keeping users engaged in knowing more about your products and services.

As a result, sellers have to choose the themes and extension perfect for their online store like:

Magento 2 image gallery pro extension

Ves Eveprest


8. Product Customization

Product customization is a dispensable Magento E-commerce trend in 2018 . It is, because, uncomplicated for consumers to use, eliminates the hassles of shopping, and meets the demanding needs of modern clients. Moreover, Automation is also changing the way products and services are customized. Whenever using the service, the product becomes more customized to that user.

To link with other items, the process is used by many different businesses across the web. From clothes to entertainment, furniture, even in our possible romantic relationships, product customization exactly is not a trend, it’s the shape of the web to come. Ves Body fitness would be a prime example.


9. Social Media Connection


Presently, social media is regarded as the best platform to promote your brand. Hence, the need for connecting your Magento site to social platforms is a crucial concern that leads to increasing more sales online. Nowadays, more and more social sites such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google + etc are the practical ways to reach potential customers knowing their concept of your brand. As a result, you have more chances to earn higher revenues and go ahead with a better business infrastructure being a real entrepreneur.

10. Crucial Personalization

Because the necessary needs of customers, E-commerce experts that this trend continues to spell in 2108. Clients desire to be served personalized experiences and this is all the more important for online stores. Personalization refers to recommending products for the customers on the basis of their preferences. Hence, it can be inferred from customers’ browsing behavior and shopping history. You can look at other blogs about magento trend 2018:

12 Key Points to choose the best magento theme for eCommerce site 2018

Top 10+ magento 2 ecommerce site’s design trends 2018 All powerful technique prediction above will aid Magento marketplace to boost online sales exploring the real utilities of a smarter set up featuring an agile format. It is a great decision for you to adapt these tendencies into the real situation to grow online. If you have any further questions about these trends on marketing landscape, do not hesitate to contact us – Landofcoder.

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