Step-By-Step RMS2 Marketing (or how to get maximum benefits from your RMS2)

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There are different ways to run your business with RMS2. I will give you several pieces of advice based on today’s trends and the experience of our top affiliates regarding how to earn with RMS2. Each step is very important.

Installation step

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1. Choose a good hosting company that not only meets the requirements of RMS2 but also will not slow down your site when it gets a lot of visitors. It must have good functionality and a comfortable admin panel to save you time and stress.

2. Pick a good domain name. It must be memorable and reflect what you do.

3. Follow all installation instructions. If any questions occur – contact our affiliate support. We will gladly assist you.

4. Once installed – take your time and check the RMS2 directory and file structure on your server.

It always helps when you know your web-site from the inside out.

RMS2 customization step

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1. Make sure you use our

custom responsive themes. They are now translated into 8 languages.

2. Basic instructions are also included in the folder with the custom theme. You will have information on how to add your logo, change descriptions, manage types and categories and choose featured templates.

3. Add unique texts for your pages, types and categories. Make them attractive and targeted specifically towards your audience. You may change them from time to time.

4. Use CSS! You will have an opportunity to change background, color scheme, shapes of blocks, text styles, borders, margins and paddings. Use your creativity to make your web-shop unique. It can be done by editing the CSS file in “theme/theme-name/styles.css”.

5. Add content through your RMS admin panel. You may add links, images and videos. The RMS admin panel recognizes all HTML tags. When you add your own video with review or instructions – it always increases your site’s trust level.

6. Create your own custom pages. Besides the system and conventional pages (contact us, chat, term-of-use, FAQ, 404) your RMS admin panel provides you with an opportunity to create your own custom pages. Perhaps you might decide to write a separate page with news, tips for your customers or your blog with useful and interesting information. This tool will be helpful for you.

7. Use banners. They can be downloaded from and added to your shop through your RMS admin panel. You can publish them on your other web-sites or on RMS2 itself.

Promotional step

social media

1. Create a proper business plan and treat it like a business. Adopt a professional approach and use proper resources for that. As an example: Launchlist.

2. Register the site in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc…). Let the world know about your new web-site.

3. Promote in social accounts: Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Twitter. Usually it is a very powerful way to introduce your site to your potential customers. Ask your friends to “like” likeyour posts and “share” share them. The more people who know about your web-site – the better.

4. Write guest-posts and articles on other resources with the relevant subjects. Your article may contain several tips about web-design or web-templates with referral to your web-site.

5. Send emails to your customers or those who can advertise your web-shop. Create a database with emails. Make sure to follow up with the news on and share the information with your customers. Do not forget to synchronize your prices with our sale periods. In your email signature – add links to your web-shop. You can use the MailChimp or Aweber to make the email process easier for you.

6. Use Adwords, BSA , Facebook Ads or any other legal forms of attracting more traffic to your web-site. Don’t forget to check our terms to specify the norms of legality before you invest in ads or paid traffic.

Your aim is at least 1,000+ unique visitors per day. Make sure you create a constant flow of traffic to the RMS2 page.

Analysis step


1. Use Analytics in You will be able to track your sales and quantity of unique visitors for each of your presets. Also use Google Analytics or Piwik for detailed information about your visitors’ behavior. It is always helpful to know which pages, templates, categories attract more customers and which pages require modification to increase the number of visits.

2. Ensure that your site is ready for uploading. Here are 2 resources that are very helpful: WebPageTest and Pingdom. If you find out that it is not ready for the expected volume of traffic – you will need to request additional resources from your hoster.

3. Follow up with the news regarding search engines and page indexation. Rules and requirements can be changed. Make sure that you keep yourself updated.

As with any other type of business, RMS2 requires your ideas, time and effort. You have plenty of advantages over many other sellers on the Internet:

1. Our templates are the best;

2. We have created more of them than any other company in the world;

3. We provide you with an opportunity to sell them through our outstanding ready-made shop.

So, let’s get to work!

If you want to know more about any other topic related to RMS please leave it in comments. It will help us to understand what next article should be about.

There is also a very useful information about SEO and Analytics in this article.

Written by:
Gerald Smith

Gerald Smith is a member of the TemplateMonster Affiliate Team. He is an experienced specialist in both: web-programming and marketing. Involved in RMS technology development and distribution. Researches modern ways of ready-made shop marketing and promotion. Dedicates his time to help affiliates develop their RMS business. Follow him on Google+ if you do not want to miss anything that can help you earn more income. .


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