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There’s no secret, anyone who wants to develop their business in 2019 needs their classy sites. Due to digital progress, making business online became not just a popular thing… Actually, it is a real must-have now. All in all, people got used to comfort. That’s why a lot of your prospects would prefer to shop online. There is no need to leave your house at the weekend when you can buy things online or find the needed info. As you can see, life becomes easier for your customers and what about you?

In fact, 2018 brought us a lot of new discoveries. Let’s see how 2019 is going to start! Today, we will tell you about another cool thing to wait for this winter. It’s called Ready-Made Shop and you should definitely check out this offer!


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What Is Ready-Made Shop?

For starters, Ready-Made Shop (or RMS) is a tool which was made for affiliates. Basically, this is a digital showcase that is meant to introduce TemplateMonster’s themes to the audience. With the help of RMS, you can easily sell them under your name and get a nice commission for it. It will be 30% or even 35% of the original price of an item. For example, someone follows your link and buys Monstroid 2 from WP. Today, this flagship costs $75 which means that you get over $26.

Who May Need RMS?


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To make a long story short, this offer is a must-see for anyone who wants to have an additional income. As you can see, affiliate programs are popular these days. It is a simple way to get money and it does not require any effort. So, in case you have a popular blog, a modern business site, or any other project with a nice audience, try RMS. You can never know how many readers may want to run their own websites.

3 Main Things You Should Know About Ready-Made Shop


To put it briefly, here are 3 most important things you should know about the offer.

First things first, using RMS you can sell TM’s products directly on your website. Just use While Label feature to hide the name of the company and sell products under your name. As a result, you won’t need to transfer your visitors to a third-party resource. Honestly speaking, this might be the biggest advantage of RMS. In fact, transferring customers to a third-party website is what every affiliate system does now. The list includes even such big players as ThemeForest. However, by sending people to an unknown place, you make your own site insecure. Needless to say, it’s important to have a trustworthy relationship with your audience.


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On the other hand, selling themes directly on the site is a critical aspect when it comes to large resources. In case you own such a website, you don’t want people to navigate somewhere else simply because they can stay there.

  Secondly, using RMS, you have a chance to install a real store showcase. To say more, you won’t be limited, so you can use any language you want for it. Without a doubt, there are a lot of reasons why you should switch to your native language. To start with, more than half of modern customers say that they prefer to work with native-speaking websites only. The thing is that people use shopping and online surfing as a way to relax. And they do not want to work on the translation of your content. Moreover, people don’t want it even if they speak the language you use. What is more, not all the search engines work with foreign websites. For example, the systems they use in France and Korea definitely don’t. Thus, making your website multilingual you can enter the global market without a hitch!

Back to RMS, you will be able to choose any language you need for this online store showcase. All the details matter. You can set up prices and currencies according to the chosen region. All in all, even the presales chat you get is multilingual!


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Finally, let’s answer the money question! As it has already been written, you can get up to 35%. And it comes for any purchase! Let’s compare RMS to the old known affiliate programs. Talking about our old offer, TM pays 30% from the first sale and 10% from all the next sales. On the other hand, there is ThemeForest who offers only 30% from the first purchase and nothing from the next ones. Looks like 35% from every purchase is a nice thing to think of!

What Else Should You Know About RMS?

We already told you that anyone may try working with RMS but is it easy for a beginner? Well, as all the TM products are, RMS is super easy! It’s extremely user-friendly. You won’t need any extra skills or anything like that. Here are some features of the tool we should highlight.

  1. RMS is totally responsive. It’s 100% mobile-friendly and comes for all the possible screen sizes.
  2. It’s pretty fast as well which is important both for user experience and SEO results.
  3. RMS has minimal hosting requirements. Actually, you can install it even with shared hosting. In case there will be any problems, our team will guide you through this process.
  4. There will be no need to waste your time on all these billing troubles! All the money issues will be solved by TM, so just come and get your cash.
  5. Finally, RMS is highly customizable. You can style it by hand or use the admin panel. Whatever you choose, RMS customization will be as easy as ABC.

Web Studios

To finish with, there is another option you should know about. RMS provides you with a handy ‘Web Studio’ mode. Using the feature, you can hide the prices of the themes. Plus, you can replace ‘Buy’ button with something less pushy. For example, use the mode to create ‘Order’ button which will allow the visitor to check purchase details.   

As the name of the mode shows, it was made for web studio owners. In case selling templates is not enough for you and you want to sell the websites made with these templates, now you know what to do.

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