Top 10 Reckless Internet Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

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Internet marketing means a lot to any modern business. By employing a thought-out online strategy you can generate more interest in your company, gain more customers and traffic, all of which can result in higher earnings. While many businesses understand the value of a clever Internet marketing strategy, many of them make some silly mistakes. In this blog post we will highlight the top 10 most common Internet marketing mistakes that can easily be avoided.

Ignoring SEO

A couple of years ago, startups and small businesses didn’t invest in SEO since hiring a good marketing firm cost them a pretty penny. Today, the situation has changed. First of all, the web offers plenty of information covering the basics of SEO, letting you master it step-by-step on your own. Beginner’s guide to SEO is available for the public to download. This is where you can learn both basic and advanced techniques on how to attract high-authority back links and more.

code academy

Another option that startups and small businesses can benefit from is using online services for leveraging SEO. One of these effective tools is Code Academy. Here you will be shown how to use keywords properly in titles, title tags, descriptions, etc.

Not having a self-hosted blog

Online audiences will hardly accept you seriously if your blog runs on the or Blogger domain. This not only looks unprofessional, but also limits your opportunities of growth. That’s why it’s recommended to get your own domain (like, which will also make it so much easier for the web audience to reach you on the Internet.

Avoiding social networks

Social media is not all about having fun and chatting with friends. This is also a powerful online marketing tool that can help you attract a larger audience to your brand. Creating an official company profile on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ can result in more customer engagement, higher traffic flow, vaster opportunities, and greater company success.

How can you entertain the audience? The official company page on the popular social media platforms is not all about sharing the promo data and boasting of their advantages over competitors. To build up your profile effectively, post entertaining and fun content that will make your followers come back over and over again. When posting actively and effectively, your social media profiles can become popular in about three to six months.

Avoiding guest posting

Contributing articles to other blogs is one of the proven ways of growing brand awareness, boosting traffic and generating more leads. Unfortunately, this is the technique that many companies avoid doing, hence missing out on new clients and potential readers. Such popular names as WPcurve, Speckyboy, WPtavern, etc. are always accepting guest authors, looking for new and fresh content.

guest blogging

How do you find blogs that are ready to post guest articles? Well, start by simply entering “guest blogging opportunities [name of your industry]” in the search line. Once you come up with several sites that could accept your articles, check out their guidelines and contact them via an email. Offer several titles that you would like to talk about, and as soon as you settle all the organizational issues, proceed to write your first guest post.

Not analyzing the competitors’ strategies

Analyzing the competition is crucial when building your online marketing strategy. In that way startups and small businesses can find out what’s trending in the field, what their target audience enjoys, and find out a unique way of running their online campaign, which will help make them different from the rest. On top of that, when analyzing the competition, you can find out the weak and strong points of other companies, and build a plan for surpassing them and growing as an industry leader.

Making the checkout process confusing for your visitors

The check out, just like the contact form, shouldn’t be complicated. Many businesses want to stuff these with additional data, which is completely out of line. What is the purpose of adding a checkout form to your page? With its help users can order some stuff right on your page.

easy checkout

Making the checkout process confusing is the most widespread reason for shopping cart abandonment. That’s why you need to make it as simple and intuitive as possible, without overwhelming it with extraneous elements.

No interaction with readers

What’s the purpose of asking people to comment on your posts if you do not participate in such discussions? By replying to the comments left by your readers you can show that you really care about their time spent on site, opinion and effort to comment on your publication. What’s more, when interacting with your audience you can help them with the decision-making, provide valuable advice and professional assistance, which users will, later on, repay by buying the things that you recommend.

Failing to gather email lists right at the start

This is something that many businesses regret not doing. While there are so many ways of doing online marketing, keeping the audience updated on your recent news and fresh offerings via emails is no less effective. It’s a well-known fact that buying email lists will sooner bring negative results rather than have any positive effect. That’s why it is recommended to start gathering the emails of your site visitors as soon as you make your web project go live. How do you do this? Place a newsletter subscription form somewhere on your official site or blog. Make it easy to reach and use, so that your fans are encouraged to stay longer.

Not keeping the web resource updated

If you don’t update information on your website frequently, then how can users be sure of your credibility? Keeping your site updated, you will gain visitors’ attention with special offers and make them add more value to your web resource. As a rule, such resources make people come back and keep track of your updates, which results in higher traffic flow.

Skipping using website analytics

How can you discover what users are doing on your site if you do not track their behavior using analytics tools? Google Analytics is one of the most popular and widely used free online tracking solutions that allow you to discover the age, gender, location, and other information about your visitors. Analytics will help you tweak your website in a way that your target audience enjoys.

These are the top 10 mistakes that beginner Internet marketers make when starting to develop their online strategies. What are other errors that startups make when doing business online? If we have missed out any points that should have been mentioned on this list, please let us know. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. We are always open for communication.

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Katherine Crayon

Katherine Crayon is copywriter reporting on tech news and all aspects of the web design industry. Anyone looking for more inspirational posts, tips and advice or simply the latest industry news, meet her in person on and .

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