No access to a laptop or internet connection? – Create a website right from your Smartphone (Website Builders for Mobile)

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These days, it seems like every business, and everyone has a website. Heck, even 9 yr old kids do. Having a website for yourself or a product you’re making therefore makes perfect sense. However, various reasons keeps a lot of people away from creating their own websites, some of which I will highlight below:



 – Initial costs of getting a professional web developer. This is a massive plus of website builders compared to web developers. A web developer can cost between $400 and $1,100 for template customization alone, and a fully customized website built from scratch will often amount to thousands. This can put a lot of people off instantly, but making your own website using a builder, allows you to get a fully functioning website up and running for less than the price of a coffee.


 – Not everyone knows how to code a good looking website. Learning HTML and CSS in itself is vast enough, on adding JS and others to the mix, most people become confused. If those terms didn’t make much sense to you, or if they did, but you just don’t want to invest a lot of time in creating your own website, fret not! We have a solution for you in this article.


 – High cost of laptops and an unstable internet connection in developing countries. Opportunities abound in the developing world but most products/services go unnoticed as they lack an online presence. Common website builders require you access them through a stable internet connection which poses a problem making some give up on getting a website.


 – Hidden cost of hosting a website. Most online website builders come as an all-in-one platform. It means you can only host your website or register a domain name through them. For a startup that is yet to make profits, paying about $60/yr may be discouraging. Users should be able to choose a place to host their website; it can be an already registered personal domain, Google cloud, local drive or even Github instead of depending on a website builder provider.

The Solution

It’s easy and straight forward; “Your Smartphone” is the solution. Smartphone sales are booming and they are becoming more affordable by the day, even the low end devices boast of super-friendly interface and mesmerizing features that are attracting more and more users daily. Android powers more than 81% of all smartphones worldwide, this makes android apps have extensive reach and penetration in markets. But the screen size of a Smartphone is too small to use an online website builder through a browser you might conclude, nah stay with me here, I am actually talking of a native android app and a quick search on the Google play store reveals two apps that solves the problems listed above. They are:

 – Mobirise –

 – OVO Web –

Now we will see how these android apps provide solutions to the problems. Please note this is not “a fight to the death of both apps” to see which is better but a review of what they do and how they do it best.


                1. Offline abilities

Both apps builds websites completely offline an internet connection is only needed when you want to publish the website. While mobirise requires 44MB to download to your smartphone, OVO Web requires just 25MB of data.

                2. How website building works

In Mobirise, there is a big red “plus” button in the lower right corner clicking it gives you a list of predefined block elements which you drag and drop into the new website created. Each block can then be edited and styled inline just like you would in a regular text editor, clicking on media elements you can insert image, video or icon. This gives you little room for uniqueness and your website looks similar to the thousands of websites created with mobirise.

However, OVO Web uses a different approach, it basically edits already made website templates which can be gotten from any source;

  • 5 free responsive website comes pre-bundled with the app
  • In-app market that gives you access to over 1,000+ templates from TemplateMonster (which contains free/paid templates from top template creators like motoCMS, wordpress etc)
  • Website templates downloaded to your local drive
  • Saved webpage(.html or .mht files)

Customizing the templates requires a process known as “touch and edit”, where you click on each element (which has been rendered on a webview) and edit its style and text/content.


                    3. Preview and Publish

Mobirise app previews only the mobile view and allows you to publish to your local drive whereas OVO Web previews on various screen resolution (phone, tablets and laptops) and also allows you to publish to local drive, FTP or free Github pages at a cost of less than $3.


                   4. Editing the source code

Mobirise offers a code editor for an additional price of $69 for their predefined block elements but OVO Web gives you the opportunity to edit the source code for free with an inbuilt code editor.

Final Words

Apart from the apps mentioned in this guide, there are other website builders for android like Simdiff, Boomer, WordPress etc but they require an internet connection hence fails to solve the problem of “unstable internet connection”. As for the iOS fans, the cost of getting an iPhone equals or exceeds the cost of getting a decent laptop hence the platform wasn’t looked into as it fails to solve the problem of “high cost of laptops”.

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