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The TemplateMonster V.I.P. Reseller Program is a perfect way to offer pre-made web design to your clients, keeping the label of your company and earning an unlimited amount of money. The Reseller Program differs from our Affiliate program, and when you finish reading the article you will understand why.

TM reseller program

Why Templates?

Web-templates are the fastest and cheapest way to create or redesign websites. Every year more and more people buy pre-designed templates, because that is much cheaper than paying huge sums of money to web designers and making websites from scratch.

Why Template Monster?

Template Monster is the most experienced company in the web design niche with the biggest collection of Professional Premium templates. Every day we make revolutionary new products and provide customers with 24/7 Professional Support.

Why should I become a Template Monster Reseller?

It is extremely profitable! You will have flexible pricing and a progressive discount scale.

It is very comfortable! You will have your personal control panel to manage your reseller account, make necessary financial and technical settings and get real-time reports.

It is prepared for you! We have created multiple manuals and ready-made sets of scripts for demonstration purposes. They will help you to get screenshots and product information that can be shown to your customers.

It is always pleasant! You will always get quick and friendly support from our staff.

It is the best in the industry! You can be sure that you are selling the best product to your customer. You control the price and payments from customers and you can sell any other services along with our templates: e.g. hosting, domain, installation/customization etc.

What is the difference between an Affiliate and a Reseller?

Feature Affiliate Reseller
Income 30-50% commissions depends on sales volume per month Reseller is given a direct discount on templates (30-50% depending on sale volume per month)
Pricing The same as on TemplateMonster.com Can sell templates at any price but not higher than 2 x TM price (Profit is 30%-130%)
Shopping Cart All payments go to TemplateMonster’s unbranded shopping cart and affiliate receives commissions from each sale The Reseller receives all payments from his customers
Tools All available Affiliate Tools WEB-API, RMS2(requires modification from reseller’s side)
Tools installation/integration TemplateMonster / Affiliate (it is up to the affilate) The Reseller installs the tools himself using our manuals
Customer Support TM provides all support to Affiliate Cusomers The Reseller provides support to his customers himself. However, the reseller can consult TM support team to get first-hand assistance
Deposit No Yes $500
Minimum withdrawal amount $100 No
Sum Up The Affiliate Program is universal and works for both: start-ups and big online businesses. It is quickly to start and easy to manage since all tools are ready-made. You can promote not only our templates but also our Special offers and receive commissions accordingly The Reseller Program is perfect for big online businesses and Web Studios, especially when you are going to sell your services along with our templates. Participation in reseller program is quite a formidable undertaking. The reason is you have to build your template layout based on the templates API info

Can I become a Template Monster Reseller?

1. You should have a good knowledge of PHP and API.

2. Understand and agree with the Terms and Conditions.

3. To be ready to support your customers. However, you can still consult the TM support team to get first-hand assistance.

4. To be ready to work on deposit-based conditions.

How to Apply?

1. Check our manuals and reseller agreement.

2. Contact our Resale Manager to register your reseller account.

3. Once you have access to your Reseller Panel make a $500 minimum deposit which will be used for getting templates for your customers.

4. Add our Templates to your existing website or build a new project based on our template info.

5. Promote the templates.

6. Follow up with sales in your Reseller Control Panel.

The Reseller Program is a perfect fit for big online businesses and Web Studios, especially when you are going to sell your own services along with our templates. Participation in the reseller program is quite a formidable undertaking, but it is certainly worth it!

Written by:
Gerald Smith

Gerald Smith is a member of the TemplateMonster Affiliate Team. He is an experienced specialist in both: web-programming and marketing. Involved in RMS technology development and distribution. Researches modern ways of ready-made shop marketing and promotion. Dedicates his time to help affiliates develop their RMS business. Follow him on Google+ if you do not want to miss anything that can help you earn more income. .


  • Hey, re seller program sounds very appealing. The only question is, why can’t i put a higher price on the product. Like lets say a template is for 100$, can i put the price like 400$? for my clients, the price would include the customisation, and putting the relevant information onto the website itself

  • Hey Geff.

    I have a question for YOU man! Let’s say I am Website Templates Shop and I am in your Template Monster V.I.P. Reseller Program, right? We both have DIFFERENT license plans, e.g.: you have single licence plan for one domain. My website templates go with standard License for 5 domain and so on. Do you understand what I mean, man? So, here is the question: Can I put on your products any license terms I want (in scopes of V.I.P. Reseller Program)?

    Thanks bro, Your help would be very appreciated!

    • Hey, thank you for a good question. 1 Template Monster template goes for 1 use (1 domain, 1 installation). If your customer requires installation on 3 projects they will need to buy 3 templates.
      Let’s say you want to sell templates at a regular price ($70). Your customer will need to pay $210, but your cost will be just $147. So your profit for this transaction is: $63.00. But if you achieve our monthly sale goal you will have better discount: the more you sell – the better discount you get. Let’s say you sell $10K/mo and you have 50% discount. Your customer cost will be $210, but your cost is just $105 (so your profit is $105.00). So now you will have a room for discount that you can offer to your customer.
      The same about 5, 20 projects etc… When you put the terms on templates they should not conflict with the TM terms.

  • Hey Templates Monster.

    I have a question toward your Template Monster V.I.P. Reseller Program. You want me to make a $500 deposit. How are you going to track my sales? ’cause I also my our own templates besides your.

    Thank you

  • Can I put $500 partially. $200 now and $300 next month? Just want to check if this will work with my web studio) hope to earn a lot of money online :-)

    • Sure, you can divide the deposit amount and start working with API and website. Although, the billing/order processing will be activated when you have $500 total on your deposit account.

  • I am web developer and web designer and I’ve worked with TemplateMonster for 1 year already! I love what Template Monster produce and my clients are completely satisfied with the quality of the Template Monster’s website templates. All CMS are of high quality and are the best website templates on the web! I am sure that Template Monster V.I.P. Reseller Program is be one of the best choices you can make in your life !

    Thank you folks for your efforts!

    • Thank you Jeff for your nice feedback. I am sure it will be useful and inspiring for other affiliates. It was a pleasure to work with you this year!

  • useful stuff! for me as a web developer Template Monster V.I.P. Reseller Program takes huge impact on my business. Hope to be your TOP V.I.P. Reseller and earn lots of money online !

  • I can sell templates at any price but not higher than 2 x TM price, right? but, when i put max profit and than you folks have sale time on your website – my templates automatically increase in profit % in comparison to your products with discount applied. What is the policy in this case?

    • That is another good question. The maximum price is 2 x regular TM price. So if we have a sale on TM website you are not obligated to reduce your prices. It is completely up to you.

  • Template Monster V.I.P. Reseller Program – the best way to earn extra money online without any troubles. Gerald guided me through all the process and I already earned my first $47! V.I.P. Reseller Program really works!

  • For Affiliate Program – absolutely! We can install any of our affiliate tools on your server.
    For V.I.P. Reseller Program – we provide all the necessary instructions and guides, but the installation itself must be done by Reseller himself (he has to have a good knowledge of PHP/SQL and API).

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