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Hello, dear friends- affiliates , and those who have been on the fence about signing up! We are happy to introduce you the brand new website of the best affiliate program on the net, and to announce that the time has come to hop down and join the fun as has become more user-friendly and got more functionality!

Everyday the team of professionals from TempateMonster Affiliate Program works to make the cooperation more productive and to broaden the horizons of what we understand under the term “affiliate marketing”. Well, it’s better to see once than to hear about it a hundred times.

The aim of this article is to provide you with all necessary hints and clues to your personal hub-, and to show you how to get the best of its usage! So, let’s take a look closer at exactly what you can find within this website!

mytemplatestorage homepage

The façade – the Home Page is presented in 3 sections:

1. Progressive Commission Scale: here you can see the basic steps to your 50% goal and trust us, lots of surprises are still ahead, as we have prepared something really amazing for those who are brave enough to reach it!

2. Sign Up part: in this particular element you can join our affiliate team and, of course, find out the most relevant and crucial information concerning TempateMonster Affiliate Program. Pay a special attention to it in order to prevent yourself from all possible questions that may occur as we’ve made sure that you can get all your answers in the blink of an eye!

3. The last but not the least – Testimonials section! Prestigious and profitable for every affiliate as it links to your website and increases not only your traffic, but your sales as well! TOP 4 affiliates are displayed there depending on the progress achieved and the other winning places can be shown on the second part of this section by pressing “view all” button!


The header constitutes of 4 smaller parts such as:

1. “Sign in” pop-up form serves as an access to your personal cabinet, the one that you have got already used to in the previous version of website.

2. ITM inside drop-down menu is the main key to social media exposure, as you can share our affiliate program to your friends and readers and get mope people involved in your affiliate campaign! The link will automatically become supervisor link if you are logged in the system! So you are able to earn money just by sharing it with your friends.

3.“Download list ” is the source where you will get all the downloaded files, tools and all other frees stuff that we have prepared for you !

4.The main menu consists of 4 categories: Home, News, Affiliate Tools , Knowledge Base and Contact Us! The information about the main constituencies of our web site we have already provided in the article regarding the Release!

The footer menu is enabled with 4 elements:

Sign Up leads to the registration form.

Terms guides to Affiliate Program Agreement.

• In FAQ section questions and answers that are supposed to be commonly asked are listed.

Contact Us leads to 24/7 Support contact form, where you can address in order to solve literally any issue.

That would probably be just the beginning of the story as our team is constantly working on modification and update of the to facilitate you and be helpful!

Tell us what you think! And share your view on how to make the best of!

Written by:
Tina Jameson

Tina Jameson is TemplateMonster Affiliate Manager providing the latest news and updates in online and affiliate marketing in particular. She is totally obsessed with social media and will gladly share fresh inspirational industry news and tips for TemplateMonster affiliates on her and accounts.


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