Top Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Rank Mobile App Development High On Their Agendas

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With the Internet becoming all-pervasive, more than ever before small businesses are becoming aware of the need to stay competitive. In recent times the way users are accessing the net has changed radically with currently more searches being fired from mobile devices than from desktop computers. Today, the situation has come to a point that if you are thinking about reaching out online, you need to think more about mobile devices than anything else. Some eye-openers on how businesses can benefit from mobile apps:


Top Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Rank Mobile App Development High On Their Agendas With the rapid rise in geotagging and beacons, it has become quite simple for businesses to target their users with messages that are time-sensitive and location-specific through mobile apps that have geolocation technology integrated into them. The business can automatically figure out when potential customers using their app are in the proximity and messages promoting offers can be directed to them. With this sort of technology, businesses can immediately figure out the profile of the customers in the proximity and target themwith appropriate messages that cater to their interests. The narrow focus enables more conversions to take place. Businesses can make their loyal customers feel special by sending them welcoming messages with special offers and attractions whenever they are anywhere near them. All the big brands are preparing to throw great deals on its products, such as tv black friday sale.

Loyalty Programs

Top Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Rank Mobile App Development High On Their Agendas It is very easy for businesses to drive customer loyalty by designing mobile apps that automatically entitle customers downloading the app special access to deals that are exclusive to them or provide early bird access to special promos and sales. To make the loyalty program more effective businesses can have the app study their preferences of rewards. With a mobile app, it becomes easier for businesses to know their customers better and also to make them feel appreciated. Smart mobile apps can do away with the need for the customer to carry physical loyalty cards for swiping at point-of-sale terminals. The head of a reputed mobile app development company Mumbai observes that with mobile apps, not only are there no more lost cards to be replaced but also the customers can be more effectively engaged with reward plans that are customized to their profiles. The various ways that customers can be rewarded with mobile coupons are only restricted by the imagination of the marketer.

Scheduling and Reminders

Top Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Rank Mobile App Development High On Their Agendas With the use of a mobile app staying in touch with the customer becomes far easier. At various points in time, businesses need to send reminders about their services and products to customers and this message scheduling can be completely automated with the help of apps. For example, a car workshop may wish to send reminders at periodic intervals to customers reminding them to visit the service center or a salon may wish to message customers reminding them to schedule appointments.


Mobile apps have made connecting with customers and engaging with them far easier than ever before. With messages that are highly personalized and targeted, businesses can expect a greater level of customer engagement and loyalty. With apps supporting online payment mechanisms, shopping on-the-go is fast becoming a habit, not a luxury.

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