Why Amazon Is in the Vanguard of Cloud Development

12.07.2018 4 comments

Even if you don’t know what Amazon Web Services is, you’ve probably encountered a website using it. In fact, many internet giants prefer AWS to maintaining their own servers. Netflix, Reddit, and AOL are all hosted on AWS servers. In fact, AWS is so trusted that CIA, together with the entire United States Intelligence Community, picked them to build their private cloud.

Data by the Hosting Tribunal shows AWS earned $18 billion in 2017 and achieved almost 50% market growth in the second quarter of 2018. These figures indicate how successful AWS really is.

But what makes AWS stand out among the competition?

Part of the reason AWS dominates is that Amazon had a head start. The other top IT companies didn’t think cloud computing would ever get as big as it is today. Even Microsoft didn’t foresee it—they announced their own platform in 2008, a full six years after AWS’s launch.

So what are the benefits AWS secured for its users early on?

First, Amazon has enormous server farms spread over the world. And when we say enormous, we mean truly massive. At one time, they hosted 500 petabytes of data for Dropbox alone. That’s 500,000,000 gigabytes. Combine this with proper support and competitive prices and you can see why AWS is the perfect solution for enterprises of any size.

Second, consider the price. Not only is using AWS often cheaper than investing in your own hardware, but the price is also flexible. With AWS, you don’t invest in a certain amount of storage and computing power. Instead, you “pay as you go”. If needed you can scale up or down and pay only for the resources you utilize. This means you don’t need to worry about traffic spikes or wasted resources.

Third, we can mention security. Amazon’s servers have several layers of physical, operational, and software security. AWS also conducts regular inspections to make sure the systems are sound. Admittedly, several brief outages have occurred throughout the years, but they weren‘t serious enough to hurt AWS‘s reputation. Many companies still trust AWS.

Moreover, it practically guarantees the safety of your data.

All of this makes AWS the best option for almost any medium or large enterprise. If you wish to learn more about AWS’s rise to glory or if you’re wondering which of Amazon’s web services is for you, all the info you need is in the infographic below.





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