Predicting the Future of Affiliate Marketing for 2016

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It has become a good tradition to start every New Year by sharing suggestions about the trends that will be popular in a certain field. Fashion designers introduce the audience to new collections of outfits, web designers share predictions on the techniques that will be in demand among web resources during the next 12 months, and we will be talking about suggestions regarding the future of affiliate marketing for 2016.

 the Future of Affiliate Marketing

Each year, affiliate marketing changes by leaps and bounds. Each time, affiliate marketers gain new and more effective ways of generating more revenue and attracting more clients. The traditional method of doing online business hardly works now. A couple of years ago, you may have made money simply by finding a product, sending customers to the landing page and selling that product as a result; the situation is a whole lot different today. The competition is very tough, so in order to make big money you need to introduce the buyers to something really special. Let’s consider this as our first tip.

Win-win techniques

When done correctly, affiliate marketing can become a gold mine. What we suggest you do at this point is identify a hot niche that is not yet popular among the web audience, but could win the hearts and minds of the buyers in a big way. Once you’ve come up with such a product, go and grab it before anyone else does so before you. Here are some quick instructions:

1. Find a hot niche.

2. Build a website for it.

3. Leverage the site to create sites for other hot niches.

Now let’s dig deeper into the discussion of each of the aforementioned points.

Finding a hot niche is first on the list. This is where the story begins. You browse the web in search of something unique and special. This can be literally anything – from digital to physical stuff, any goods or services that you may think of. Below we offer for your consideration several industries into which you can try digging deeper.

· Smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, TVs or any other electronics. All of these have become indispensable elements of our everyday life. Each brand is trying hard to impress the audience with novelties every year, replacing the old products with more modern and fully featured ones. So, it’s a good idea to keep track of the official announcements in the field and jump on the new tech gear as soon as it launches.

· Fitness and healthcare programs. Nowadays it’s trendy to keep fit, go to the gym, and eat healthy. That’s why dieting and fitness are in great demand today. New products and training systems are being developed on a regular basis. So, as soon as you hear about the launch of any onto the marketplace, don’t miss an opportunity to grab it.

· Self improvement products. Nobody is perfect and there is always a lot of room for improvement. People like to read about the new techniques and attend self help seminars. So, this is another niche on which you can keep a close eye.

· The list would be incomplete if we didn’t include web design in it. This is a niche that doesn’t stand still and is constantly evolving. New platforms, services, hosts, themes, plugins and tools are being released almost daily.

After you’ve come up with the hot niche, it’s time to think about creating a website. This is when you should start thinking about the content that you are going to share, and what keywords you will need to optimize that content, how the landing page will look, and on which social media platforms you will create your presence.

· It goes without saying that the content that you are going to load on your website should be relevant to the hot niche, bring some value to your audience, be important, and unique. Copied text has no chance of reaching the 1st page of Google search results. The choice of keywords is no less important. If you decide to work in the field of fitness and healthcare, than a general keyword is not likely to be a success. For example, instead of the keyword “fitness programs” choose the keyword “cardio fitness programs for young adults”.

· Another thing that is worthy of your special attention is the landing page accompanied with several support pages. The landing page should be your best page where you provide explicit information about the products or services that you promote, add images and videos demonstrating them, share links to your social media accounts, and display any other information that you think will be interesting and valuable to the users. A satisfied customer is a grateful customer. Always remember this when creating your landing page design. If you decided to work in web design niche, you can find some great examples of top blogs  to follow in the list provided by DartCreations.

· Social media promotion is of the greatest value. This is where people will be introduced to your campaign. We have already spoken about the benefits that social media can bring to affiliate marketing in one of our previous posts, so you can go and check it out. The thought that we should add here is that, today, Pinterest is considered as one of the most effective social media platforms for affiliate marketing. Next comes Reddit for video promotion, Stumble Upon, Facebook, and Twitter, of course.

As soon as you have completed all the aforementioned steps, when you have found your hot niche, created a powerful website with cool content and an effective landing page, and developed a smart social media strategy, it’s time to be rewarded for your effort. This is where leverage comes into action, which can help you create as many as 20-30 or more websites a month at no more cost than you spent on your original website.

Affiliate marketing trends for 2016

I guess this post would be incomplete if we didn’t highlight the most popular suggestions on affiliate marketing trends for 2016. Here is a basic list of the techniques to consider in order to be a success this year:

· Mobile marketing is expected to keep on growing and expanding at a fast rate. In 2015, we saw a tremendous increase in affiliate sales generated via mobile devices. So, it would be rather logical to keep moving along the same path in 2016.

· Focus on niche marketing (which we discussed earlier in this post). Focus on narrow niches is expected to grow traffic and generate more sales.

· Big Data Statistics will become the most trusted source of information regarding demographics, buying habits and the biggest sources of traffic for affiliates.

· More Affiliate Partnerships between companies and schools are expected to appear. In that way affiliates can gain more knowledge and experience on how to change and accommodate a new business model, how to draw attention to the businesses products and services in a way that the audience has never seen before, etc.

· The importance of Attribution Modeling is expected to grow even more. While keeping track of the buyers’ online behavior, following their clicks and the affiliate links that have led them to a certain product page, advertisers can adjust rates and payment models in a more concise manner.

These were our thoughts and predictions for the foreseeable future of affiliate marketing. In your opinion, which of the aforementioned techniques are more likely to flourish in 2016? Are there any other affiliate marketing methods or trends that you think are worth mentioning in this post? Please share your thoughts with us below.

Written by:
Katherine Crayon

Katherine Crayon is copywriter reporting on tech news and all aspects of the web design industry. Anyone looking for more inspirational posts, tips and advice or simply the latest industry news, meet her in person on and .

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