Use of Emojis in Your Marketing Material [Infographics]

05.10.2016 2 comments

You use emojis to text your friends how you’re feeling, or text fun, festive messages. But what about using emojis in marketing materials?

Emojis in marketing aren’t something new; they’ve been used in varying degrees of success for years. But understanding their potential and limitations is important to marketing. Used well, they have an astounding positive effect on open rates—but the reverse is also true.

Marketers have over a thousand emojis to choose from; from operating system to operating system emojis may vary just slightly—even though the message remains the same.

The best and smartest marketers are specific and purposeful about their use of emojis. They’re not used casually and are directed toward a particular demographic. Even so, they’re creative and generate conversation.

Use this infographics to help direct your successful use of emojis in your marketing material.

The Ultimate Guide to Using Emojis in Email Marketing


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