How to reset Joomla password for your website?

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Setting up a Joomla website is a cakewalk now. After you buy a domain name and purchase a good web hosting, there are a number of Joomla templates on the market that let you build your website in no time. But here’s a piece of advice, maintaining your website is one real daunting task. When your website goes live on the internet it becomes prone to all the attacks and hacking happening every day.

You protect your admin panel with a Joomla password which is provided to you. It is most vulnerable to hacking. However, in case your website gets hacked or you forgot your Joomla password or you simply want to change it, then there are numerous ways to reset the Joomla password and retrieve your site.

Changing your old Joomla password to a new one:

Firstly, always create a strong password for your Joomla website. Make use of the special characters and digits apart uppercase and lowercase letters. The length should be a minimum of 8 characters. However, if you are not satisfied with your current password and want to change it then there are two ways to change your password.

Resetting password through the frontend.

1. Before you set up a new password you must make sure that the Login module is published and active on your frontend side. If not then log in to the administrator backend of your site, go to Module Manager and enable it.

2. There is a Login Form on the frontend of your website. Click on “Forgot your password?” Then you have to enter your email address on which a confirmation mail will be sent to set up a new password.


3. If you forgot your username then click on “Forgot your username?” Again enter your email ID and your username will be emailed to you.


Resetting password through backend.

1. Log in to the administrator backend of your site. ( ).

2. Go to the main menu and click on Users > Manage.


3. Click on the User’s name you want to edit. There is a Super User present by default.


4. Enter the new password in the Password field provided and type it again in the Confirm Password field.


5. Click on Save.

Changing your Joomla password when you forget your Admin panel password or your website gets hacked.

It may happen many times that someone hacks your website and changes all the password, be it your cPanel password or the Login form password. In such cases when you are unable to login to the backend of your site, then follow these steps to retrieve your password:

1. Login to your PHPMyAdmin area of the Joomla website.


2. Select prefixofyourtable_users table.

3. Click on “Browse” then select “Edit”. Edit is a small pen like icon at the extreme left-hand side. Click on Edit of the user whose password you want to reset. If you are the Supe user then change your password. Here, you can manage all the accounts under you.


4. You will see all user data in a form. Under the “password” field you will see a list of encrypted letters. Delete those letters and type your new password.

5. Before you save select MD5 in the “function” dropdown list.

6. Save the password and then log in to the backend of your Joomla website. Then again reset your password from the backend as MD5 encryption is much more secure.

These are sure shot 3 ways through which you can reset your Joomla website password. Most of the cases are regarding password retrieval after the site gets hacked. Your first priority should be protecting your website from hacking attacks.

Keep your password a bit lengthy and strong. Make use of the available Joomla plugins to upgrade the security of your website. Plugins like Sucuri, Brute Force Stop and Centrora Security are a must have plugins for your website.

When you forget your password or your username you can get it simply from the frontend if you mention your email after clicking on “Forgot your username/password”.

If you want to change your password from the backend then you have to follow some steps in the control panel.

Lastly, if your site gets hacked, then the best way to retrieve and change your password is through accessing your PHPMyAdmin area and changing the password value in the database table.

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