How to Make Your Email and Social Media Work Together

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Marketers often argue amongst themselves about which type of marketing is better than the other. For some, the sheer ROI of email marketing is enough to make that one their primary focus, but for others, the potential reach on social media is too much to ignore.

Instead of trying to make our various channels compete, it’s about time we stopped and looked at the ways they can work together. Today we’re going to look at a few ways you can tie your social and email marketing efforts together so they benefit each other, instead of constantly competing for your attention and time.

How to Build a Hybrid Email and Social Media Marketing Strategy

Marketers have enough on their plates without having to worry about which marketing channel is better than another. They all have the potential to work together and with the right blogging tools, you can even tie your blog into the overall picture.


It’s all about learning how your channels can work together by recognizing their strengths. For example, social media is good for these things:

  • Building your brand awareness
  • Creating trust and loyalty
  • Driving people back to your website

If we turn our focus to email marketing, we see some other strengths:

  • Build Relationships and retain customers
  • Targeted Lead generation
  • Further builds brand loyalty

Both of these channels have more than just three strengths, but if we look at these examples, we see how a lot of them line up in terms of the bottom line. Social media can be used to build brand awareness and drive people back to your site or blog, where they have the opportunity to sign up for your email newsletter. Similarly, you can promote your email marketing on social media and create landing pages where you offer a promotion or incentive to sign up for your newsletter immediately.

As you’re doing this, remember that you can continue creating exposure for your brand and your newsletter by employing SEO tactics across your website, email, and social media. Click here to learn more about how SEO services can take the pressure off that aspect of your business and let you focus on these two elements of your marketing.

So, now that you’re driving traffic to your website and landing pages via social media, more people are signing up for your newsletter. How do you turn those subscribers into followers and people who engage with your brand on social media?

The first step, is to include social media sharing buttons in your emails. Incorporating them into the top or bottom of your emails is a great way to encourage sharing on social media platforms. We know this technique works, because 76% of all email marketers are using it as a way to blur the lines between email and social media.

You can also promote your social media pages by running a campaign in your email marketing that is focused on your main social platforms. This is great for product launches or anything where you’re trying to build excitement towards a release. Include links to your channels and set up things like hashtags to give people something to share.

Finally, you can merge the two efforts by incorporating dynamic social media content into your emails. Things like a live Twitter feed in your emails adds a layer of excitement to the standard email look, and benefits both sides of the equation.


Final Thoughts

Email marketing and social media are very different beasts, but that’s not a bad thing. They have strengths that complement each other and strengthen the other side of your marketing. By seeking out ways to make them work together, your conversions benefit greatly.

How do you merge your email and social media efforts? Let us know in the comments!

Written by:
Carrie Davidson

Carrie Davidson is a seasoned blogger who has helped launch numerous blogs in her online career. She is an expert in crafting excellent posts with great content and powerful headlines.

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