How to Leverage WordPress to Drive your Marketing Efforts

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Marketing is a constantly changing strategic area for every organization. With the popularisation of Internet and Social media, many new innovative marketing strategies are being adopted by companies. One of the most popular among them is Content Marketing. Companies around the world are pumping more money and other resources into content marketing these days. 1

Content Marketing and WordPress

Content marketing is nothing but creation and distribution of content online to meet the marketing goals of an organization. This content can be anything that could make readers pay for the company’s product or service. In this article, we concentrate on how to leverage the content marketing platform, WordPress to drive the marketing efforts of your company. WordPress, as we all know, is regarded as the most popular content management system in the world. WordPress has many advantages over the other platforms offering content marketing services. WordPress is highly customisable, constantly updated and has an extensive collection of amazing plug-ins to fine tune your websites.

Starting a WordPress Website or Blog Before installing WordPress for your website, there are two things to be kept ready – Domain name and a hosting account. Choosing the right domain name and opting for appropriate hosting account are very crucial for the success of your website, and thereby for your marketing efforts.


I assume all of you know how to set up a WordPress blog. If not read about how to set up a WordPress blog here. But how does this help a business? For a business, quality lead generation should be the priority while developing content marketing strategies. Online presence is a big factor in reaching to more customers. Websites and blogs are the best possible ways for a company to interact with customers or potential customers online. WordPress is the best platform where you can have your website or blog, for many reasons. Let’s see the many possible ways WordPress helps you in promoting your company online. With WordPress, you can customise your website in many different ways so as to generate new customers and leads for your company. Let’s discuss about some of the important ways in which you can power your WordPress website to achieve the same.

High Quality Content Generation

High quality content is the most important factor determining the success of content marketing. Readers are exploring internet for the best possible solutions for their queries. So, they tend to come again and again to the sites that provide them with the best possible solutions. Also, only high-quality content ranks higher in Google search engine results page. So, if you want to use your WordPress website in supporting your marketing efforts, you must generate and publish high quality, original and useful content for readers. Also ensure that you publish content on a regular basis. Also, always say no to plagiarism. Plagiarised content are not appreciated by the readers as well as Google has a strict policy against plagiarised content. Your search engine results page ranking might go down as a penalty for publishing plagiarised content.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO in short, is optimising your content for Search Engines. Online users approach Google or any other search engines for their queries. It is them who direct users to respective websites as per the query. So how do we make Google suggest websites (or blogs) of a particular company to users? That’s through SEO. Optimising your content includes filling your content with keywords as required. Keywords are basically words or phrases that internet users type into Search engine boxes to reach websites. Identifying the right keywords for your content is very important from an SEO perspective.


There are two components for SEO for a website’s SEO – Onsite and Offsite SEO. We will have a quick explanation about the difference between both. On site SEO involves optimising your content, titles, categories and tags of your pages are optimised for SEO. Optimised for SEO means that they have enough keywords in them. While Off-site SEO means getting a good number of inbound links to the pages in your website. Only Search engine optimised content will be promoted by Google. Google ranks such content and links high in Google Search Engine Results Page. Higher the search engine rankings, more will be the visibility of your content. More people reading and talking about your website, means better business for your company.

Promote your content in Social Media

Social media promotion is an inevitable strategy for the promotion of your content. A large number of Internet users spend a good amount of their time on various social media sites. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora, Instagram etc. are few important ones among them. So, devising appropriate social media strategies for promotion of your content in these websites is essential. You can post links to various posts in your blog or website in these social media sites. You can devise social media strategies based on the type of audience you are aiming for. If you are selling products that cater to youth audience, Facebook promotion will be the most important part of your social media strategy. Products or services related education, learning, profession etc. can be shared more in LinkedIn or Quora. WordPress also has some great plug-ins to enhance your social media sharing options. Social Warfare is one of the popular social media sharing plug-ins available for WordPress. Social Warfare offers a collection of visually attractive and lightning fast social share buttons to your website or blog. Social share buttons in WordPress could play a significant role in boosting social shares for the posts in your blog.

Landing Page matters

The first page an online user sees in your website or blog is your landing page. As we all know, first impression is the best impression. So, it has to be beautiful, user friendly and fast loading. WordPress offers you so many options to keep your landing page captivating. You can use the attractive WordPress themes, social share buttons, add ratings and testimonials, sign-up forms, CSS options and many more. By adding genuine user reviews about your website in your landing page, you can improve the trustworthiness of your website. Also a synopsis or taglines about the content inside can make your readers curious and they tend to stay for a longer period in your website.

Make use of the attractive WordPress plugins

There are plug-ins like OptinMonster and WPForms which could create and manage email subscribers for your website. WPForms offers beautiful and easy to fill forms. Using such forms could significantly improve your conversion rates. Another popular WordPress plug-in for business purposes is Yoast SEO. Yoast SEO helps you in optimising your website for search engines. If you are struggling with loading times for your websites, MaxCDN is one WordPress plug-in that could help you with this. SEMRush is another very useful plug-in. Using SEMRush, you can find out what are the highly ranked keywords used by your competitors. So, you can optimise your content accordingly and manage your marketing strategies.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is always one of the effective ways to reach out to your customers. To run any email marketing campaign through your website, you need a good number of subscribers for your website. WordPress has various plug-ins that could help you to maintain subscribers list for your website. WordPress has various options improve your email campaign – email segmentation, automated mails, embed images into emails and more.


Once you have a good number of subscribers for your website, you could send out various promotional mails, regular newsletters etc to keep your subscribers engaged. Make sure you don’t spam your subscribers by sending useless mails.

Freebies for visitors

Today, internet is overflowing with all kinds of content. So how do you attract online readers to your blog. One effective way of doing this by providing freebies to your readers. You can gift them with coupons, E-books, tutorial contents and more. In return, you can ask them to sign up to your email list. This way you could increase your number of subscribers. So far, we have seen the different ways in which WordPress can assist you in your content marketing strategies. These are just few of the many amazing things that WordPress can do for your website. So, without any delay move your website to WordPress and witness the wonders.

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Wyatt Gilmore is the co-founder of 4 Directions Media, a full service digital marketing agency aiming to become the best at helping small business in digital marketing, graphic design, web and mobile application development. In his spare time, he is spending time with family or enjoying a round of golf. Follow him on Twitter @4DirectionsM.

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