How to choose a domain name for your company? What should you pay attention to?

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Choosing the domain name is one of the most important things, that should be done, especially when you have business on the Internet. You need to understand, that your domain name is the first thing your visitors will see. You never get second chance to make the first impression. A bad domain can send visitors away from your website, even if this site is extremely good. So, my main goal gives you some tips, that will help you to get benefits and stand out among the huge number of competitors.

So let’s start with the general and well-known domain registration rules, you need to follow:

1. A domain name must be short.

2. A domain name should be easy to remember.

3. Try to avoid misspelling.

4. The domain name can include letters, numbers, and hyphen.

Follow this registration rules and you will get a laconic and recognizable domain name. It will help your visitors to find your website.

Here are some more useful tips about domain name registration:

        a) It is better to have more than one domain name for one site;

        b) Use keywords in the domain name;

        c) Register the domain in more than one domain zone ( .net, .co  and .com);

        d) Use domain zones of other countries (.tv, .ag, .cc, .to and etc.)

        e) Do not use a domain name that looks like the competitor’s domain as your primary domain name;

        f) Register domains that are exempted from former owners.

Let’s go over these points, and I will explain the reasons why you should use this tips.

      1. Why do you need to register more than one domain for your website?

It’s useful to do if you have an international company, and you work with people that use different languages. So the name of your website spells differently. It would be much easier for your clients to find it.

      2. Use keywords.

Keywords in a domain name can help with the cognitive fluency biases, but also from an SEO perspective. Google and other search engines have been biasing away from these exact match and partial match domains, but the anchor text you get from people linking to your domain can help.

      3. Register the domain in more than one domain zone.

This should be done due to the fact that visitors often confuse domain zones. Once you have defined the name, register the site name in several zones.

Also, if your company has branches in regional centers, you can register domains in the corresponding regional domain zones. So you will become much closer to your potential customers.

      4. Use domain zones of other countries.

It can be useful in some cases. For example, the domain .ag. The abbreviation Ag means “joint stock company” and is very often used in this context in Germany.

      5. Do not use a domain name that looks like the competitor’s domain.

It’s just a tip from captain obvious. Always glad to help you with anything you already had known. Just don’t, it’s a bad idea, it won’t help your business.

      6. Register domains that are exempted from former owners.

This is affected by the fact that these domains already have certain positions and history in the search engines. It can be useful for promoting your main site.

The most popular domain zones:

* .com – commercial projects and organizations, 75% of websites using it ;

* .org – public and non-commercial structures;

* .gov – government organizations;

* .info – domain using for informational webcourses;

*.net – network sites;

*.biz – just for business organizations;

*.pro – for specialists of specific professions;

*.edu- educational websites.

There are special services that will help you create a domain name for the site. Yes, yes it’s that part you’ve been waiting, you lazy bone:

1. NameStation – service for names generation names based on keywords, concepts, and categories.

2. DomainsBot – service shows the domains that will be exempted soon.

3. NameTumbler – allows you to combine keywords with other words, checks the available domain names.

4. Domainr – an excellent service for creation of short domain names.

5. SquadHelp – with the help of this service you can make a contest for the best domain name. But you it is not free. You should pay money for this.

6. Dot-o-mator – it will combine a few words and if like the result, this service will check its availability for registration.

That’s all. I hope this article will help you to understand how to choose a perfect domain name for your blog or business. We are always glad to give you useful advice. And also we can give you our helping hand with the registration of your super cool domain name. Sinceriously yours HyperHost.

Written by:

Vitalii – manager from HyperHost company.

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