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Promotion – a key factor in marketing. While a company is launching a new product or interested in giving a boost to the existing product, one of the most important aspects of the marketing strategy which is formulated is the promotion of Interior Designing Companies In Ahmedabad. Promoting any product or service in the market to the right audience and at the right geographical location is crucial for the success of a brand. If a product or service is promoted in front of the wrong audience or at the wrong place, it can lead to wastage of resources and time.

There are some ways which are most effective when it comes to promoting a product or services which increases both sales and the reputation of a company or a brand.

  1. A pre-launch – While launching a new product, if they are given a sneak-peak as to what is coming and how is it something to look forward to.
  2. Online contests – Contests held on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram proves to be very effective when it comes to attracting audience towards a particular product or service.
  3. Mail alerts – According to research, 82% of the population is engaged in looking at the emails that come from a particular company. Many of them tend to purchase something online when the mail is appealing and attractive.
  4. Social media advertisements – The online platform is significant in maximum population’s life and the ads that come in front of their eyes always takes away the shine.
  5. In-house promotion – Before going ahead with the idea of promoting a product in its own store, there is a need to give people a reason to visit it. The two main ways of ensuring that the promotion goes well is discounts as well as exclusive vouchers, and informing the visitors that the product is available at that particular store only.
  6. PR event – A product launch is one of the most trending ways of introducing a new item on the market. Interactive and fun events are bound to drag more customers for the company.
  7. Upgrade option – This is something which is suitable for the companies which deal in services rather than goods. They can provide their existing customers with an upgraded facility where they will be able to prevail over better services than before at the same price.
  8. Testimonials – One of the most efficient ways of luring in new customers is to take and show good reviews taken from the existing ones.
  9. Share option – Rigorous sharing of latest product posts on social media is bound to gain the attention of potential customers.
  10. Content is the god – For a new product, it is important to realize that content matters. What you are writing is what the customers are realizing. If the write-up is not good, the product will not grab attention.
  11. Blogs – Blogs are meant to establish a relationship between readers and the subject matter. Posting blogs about the latest products and services work wonders.
  12. Brand ambassadors – Most of the times, customers buy the product because it is promoted by their favorite actor. Hiring them for promotion is one of the most effective tools.
  13. Influencers – There is a lot of fan following for online bloggers and they have the capability of capturing a wider audience.
  14. Discount offers – Asking potential customers to become the actual ones through the discount facility is one of the most effective ways for an immediate purchase.
  15. Commission based workers – Hiring people for work-on-commission basis so that they work harder than ever to sell the products and services of the company.
  16. Periscope – A fresh social media concept, it is raw but has the capability of attracting customers through a variety of techniques.
  17. Live videos – A new up and coming way of promoting a brand, the live videos help unravel what the business has in store for everyone.
  18. IGTV – A new and exotic feature by Instagram, it helps create a TV like atmosphere for people to promote their goods and services.
  19. Free samples – One of the best ways to promote the business is by providing free samples to a selected group of people.
  20. Apt magazines – Depending upon the type of goods and services the business has to offer, ads in a magazine of that category proves to be highly effective.

Promoting is easy, effective promotion is tough to conquer. Thus, the techniques which prove to be beneficial needs to be kept in mind while deciding on the marketing strategy.

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Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprak Design. He would love to share thoughts on Graphic Designs In Ahmedabad, Lifestyle Design, Branding Firm, Exhibition design etc.

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