More than 100,000 Free Flat Icons for All Purposes

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All designers use icons. These small pictograms help to make web pages cleaner, style the content and make it more understandable. The human brain processes images much faster than words. In fact, pictures replace them, which saves space on the page. This is especially important today, when users are obsessed by mobile gadgets. Their screens are much smaller than desktop computer monitors, but if you want to draw traffic to your site, you should think seriously how to squeeze all content into it, but still keep text and images appealing and usable. Icons are great solutions in cases like that and in many other instances.

Do you design icons yourself? Do you have time for that in your tight schedule? Busy professionals prefer to use pre-designed small stuff in order to save time on minor details, and focus on something bigger, maybe the general concept of the project on which they are working, its architecture, hierarchy, harmony, message, style, feel, brand, imagery, color scheme, call-to-actions, navigation and negotiations with customers. There are different reasons why professional designers use free stuff. Apart from the reasons listed above, most often, it helps to meet the deadline and not to exceed the budget.

There are lots of resources on the Internet where you can find free professionally drawn icons. Have no time to surf the www? Have a look at the huge icon pack (more than 100,000 free flat icons) we’ve found for you.

The icons featured in this article are from the Flaticon project. The website is created for and by designers and developers. Well-known websites like Freepick, Yannick, SimpleIcon and Plainicon are the top authors of the project. More than 107,000 free icons in 1,350 icon sets, are available on Flaticon for both personal and commercial use. They are available in SVG or EPS vector, PNG, PSD files and Icon Font.

Why are we featuring these icons in particular? Because they are minimal and trendy, exactly what you need for your current designs.

You may modify the size, color or shape of the icons. The icons are fully layered so you can resize, change their colors and positions, and assemble them in any way you’d like.

You will find Adobe extension on site. It is compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects. All you will need to do is just search and double click the icons you want to add to your project.

The icons come in the following formats: PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD, Base 64, Iconfont or all of them. Vector or raster icon sizes are from 16px to 512px. You can easily manage your Flaticon collection. The details can be read on site. The website produces 4,000 new icons every month.

The website offers two plans: free and premium (which starts from $9.99).

Below you can see some examples of nicely drawn icons available for immediate free download.

Office Set – 50 Icons

A set suitable for any kind of business company. The size and niche doesn’t matter.

office set

Saint Valentine Line Art – 50 Icons

A cute lovable romantic icon set suitable for weddings, personal pages or St. Valentine’s sites.

saint valentine lineal

Cool Cursors – 30 Icons

Cursors are always needed, on every site. Point to objects with style. Choose the cursor that will differ from the others.

cool cursors

Carnival Selection – 40 Icons

An interesting, joyful carnival icon set. Can be used for the circus, fireworks, theatre or holiday sites.

carnival fill

Pet Shop Selection – 50 Icons

A cute icon set for pet sites. Change icon colors and make them bright and cheerful if you so choose.

pet shop fill

Basic Solid UI – 104 Icons

An icon set for almost every purpose. A really universal solution.

basic solid ui

Simpleicon Social Media – 149 Icons

Of course no site can do without social media icons. So, here they are. Good-looking and calling for action.

simpleicon social media

Health – 56 Icons

Designing a site for a doctor or a clinic? Here are the icons for that purpose.


Online Marketing – 130 Icons

A popular set for marketing, financial or business companies.

online marketing

Trading – 100 Icons

This set can be used not only for eCommerce shops, but banking and financial institutions.


As you appreciate, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve featured only 10 icon sets just to pique your interest to explore further. Can’t wait to browse all website icons packs? Browse and download them here for free.

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