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Inspiration is all that we need, especially when working in the web design industry. The web is constantly changing; new and innovative approaches see the light of day, the industry leaders introduce their new developments, and each of us who wants to reach new professional heights should keep a close eye on what’s trending online. With the purpose of always keeping you updated on web design trends and news, and simply to entertain you with cool inspirational stuff, we have decided to create this compilation of free online magazines for web designers.

There are loads of web design magazines on the Internet. Some of them offer free lifetime subscriptions, others deliver their content for a token price. For our showcase we have chosen only free web design magazines, where you can either follow updates online or download their content in PDF, SWF or any other format.

The best thing about working in the web design industry is that there is always something new to discover. There are huge numbers of creative web designers and developers who are eager to share their experience with the web audience while publishing the behind-the-scenes guides, interviews or simply tips and tricks. By subscribing to the following 10 online magazines you will receive a deeper insight into all this and much more.

  • Smashing Magazine is one of the most popular web resources for web designers and developers looking for some inspiration and simply useful information regarding the most trending techniques in the field. Founded back in 2006, the Smashing Magazine editorial team strives to impress the audience not only with the quantity, but also the quality of their publications. Their site is simple and intuitive in navigation. All posts are grouped into categories, which can be accessed via a vertical menu placed in the left sidebar of the page. In addition, you can subscribe to their free newsletter and receive notifications regarding the newest publications every second Tuesday.

smashing magazine

      • Website Magazine is an online resource that shares publications on web industry news, services and recommendations. Web hosting, web design and development, eCommerce, mobile-friendly designs, SEO optimization, social media tricks, email marketing, affiliate programs, inforgraphics, and a host of cool inspirational stuff can be found in this web resource. In addition to helpful posts, they run an affiliate program, offering everyone involved in the web design industry an opportunity to earn $2 for every new subscriber to Website Magazine.

website magazine

      • A List Apart is an online must-read for everyone involved in the web design industry. As their website says, this is a web resource “for everyone who creates websites”. Thus, if you are looking for detailed guides on front and back end development, web design, UX, graphic design, illustrations, tips on writing good web content, guides on typography and web fonts, then you will enjoy the read.

a list apart

      • Free PDF Magazines is a rich online repository of free PDF files on a variety of topics. Here you can read not only about web design and illustrations, but also find PDFs about graphics, photography, reviews, culture, art, traveling, and so much more. In a word, this is an online resource where you can get inspired, entertained and taught, all at the same time.

pdf mags

      • At Destructed you can find a host of PDFs, audios and archives, all of which are available for free download. The topics are various – from art and design to inspirational and creative publications.


      • Offscreen Magazine is a one-man online resource launched by Kai Brach. This is an online print magazine telling stories of people who are standing behind the popular websites, apps and other tech products that are in big demand among the web audience. Here you can read various success stories through interviews and first-person narratives. Offscreen Magazine has a newsletter subscription form for everyone who wants to be informed about their latest stories.

offscreen magazine

      • Think Quarterly is Google’s online magazine. Here you can find insights about everything starting from the deck-ready stats to useful tools and behind-the-scenes stories of digital campaigns, and so much more. The publications are written by the heads of industry, experts and innovators. So, if you are looking for an infusion of web inspiration, this resource is just what you need.

Think Quarterly

      • Method and Craft is an online magazine with behind the scenes stories of web designers sharing their experience of creating their works, discussing the techniques that they implement in their projects and the lessons that they were taught during their professional career. Here you can find not only written publications, but also interviews, videos and notes of the industry’s leaders.

Method Craft

      • Beast Magazine is the bible of inspiration for every creative mind. Though the archive is not updated with new publications, the stuff that was shared a couple of years ago is still worthy of our attention. As they say, Beast is intended to break stereotypes. This is a one-stop online magazine for web designers and other creative minds who are fed up with their routine work and are looking for something truly amazing. The portfolio includes archives of publications from 2008 to 2014, so you can imagine how much these guys have prepared for you to discover.

beast magazine

      • Design and Life is an online ‘minizine’ from PH design consultant. Their publications are all about design, fashion, lifestyle and creative news gathered from all over the web. Their publications resemble digital books whose pages you can literally turn over from the screen of your desktop or handheld device. Free PSDs, interviews and videos can all be found among the latest issues.

design life

Now I’d like you to speak up. What online or print magazines do you read and would recommend to our readers, and why? Is there any important resource missing from the list? Do you have any thoughts on how web design magazines can help beginners and pros? You are welcome to share your tips and suggestions below this post.

Written by:
Katherine Crayon

Katherine Crayon is copywriter reporting on tech news and all aspects of the web design industry. Anyone looking for more inspirational posts, tips and advice or simply the latest industry news, meet her in person on and .

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