10 Free Affiliate Plugins for WordPress You Should Try

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One of the reasons why WordPress is such a great platform is that it allows you to extend the functionality of your site considerably. When it comes to affiliate marketing, the same principle is applied. You can find a lot of WordPress affiliate plugins that cater to your specific goals, and many of those plugins are available free of charge. In today’s post we’d like to show you some of free affiliate plugins you can use for your blog.

Some of the plugins listed here have premium add-ons, however the functionality they provide out of the box would be enough in many cases. You can also find a host of premium affiliate solutions, but if there is a free plugin that provides you with the same functionality as its premium alternative, it is better to try it out first.

And now, without further ado, let me introduce to you a list of 10 Free Affiliate Plugins for WordPress that can come in handy for your website.

Thirsty Affiliates


Probably one of the most popular affiliate plugins, that allows you to have a larger control over your links, is Thirsty Affiliates. With more than 10,000+ active installs, it is a powerful tool and a great helper in your affiliate campaigns. Forget about the ugly aff=yourID tracking parameters, Thirsty Affiliates will cloak your links, which will not only make them look prettier but also help protect your commissions from theft.


· Customizable link URL prefixes;

· Dofollow/Nofollow options;

· Link cloaking/integrated link-shortener;

· Hierarchical categorizations of the links.

Easy Affiliate Links

Easy Affiliate Links

Easy Affiliate Links is a simple and lightweight plugin for link cloaking. Similar to Thirsty Affiliates, it will help you to create shortlinks so that you can cloak your affiliate ID. The plugin provides an easy access to link editing via visual and HTML editor. You can assign categories to your link as well as track how many clicks you received during a certain month or a year. Another great feature of the plugin is that it allows you to export your links to, and import them from, your XML documents.


· Assignment of link categories;

· Link tracking;

· Shortlinks that help cloak your affiliate links.



If you’re into affiliate marketing, the chances are you have more than one website. The process of moving your settings from one site to another may become tedious, that’s why Duplicator plugin may come in handy here. It lets you move or copy entire sites from one location to another. Moreover, it provides you with great tools for backing up your site, which means that, in case of necessity, you don’t need to search for another plugin for this purpose. Everything comes in one package. If you need to move a WordPress site from a production environment to localhost for testing/validation purposes, the plugin is just what you need to accomplish this.


· Move, copy or clone your site from one place to another;

· Easy way to backup your WordPress site.



When creating affiliate campaigns, all sources of traffic can be helpful to you, and one of the most useful sources is your newsletter list. Icegram plugin helps you to develop your list quickly and connect more with your audience. The plugin has a large number of ways you can grab your visitors’ attention which includes pop-up boxes, header and footer bars, toast notifications and more. The plugin is easy to use, and it provides you with 20 designs from which to choose. If needed, you can style them with custom CSS and create a popup form that caters to your blog’s style and feel.


· Advanced targeting rules;

· Fast learning curve;

· 20 designs from which to choose;

· Multisite support;

· Works with almost any WordPress theme and plugin.

WP Auto Affiliate Links

WP Auto Affiliate Links

Already covered in our post on conversion, WP Auto Affiliate Links is a great asset in your toolbox of WordPress plugins. The great feature about the plugin, is that it can update your existing content and add your affiliate links with specified keywords. It is especially useful when you want to update your old content and insert affiliate links, but don’t want to go through each post and insert the links manually. You are still free to modify your content, since the link would be added when the content is displayed on your page.


· Limit the number of links from “very low” to “very high”;

· DoFollow/NoFollow options;

· Ability to add the links manually.

Affiliate Links

Affiliate Links

This is the plugin for those who love a minimalistic approach. If you need to mask your affiliate URL parameter and don’t need any additional functionality, Affiliate Links is exactly what you need for this job. Your link would look similar to the ‘mysite.com/go/link’ pattern.


· Setting up redirect codes for HTTP 301/302/307;

· Monitor the click count;

· Nofollow or noindex options.

WP Review

WP Review

One of the great ways to promote products is to review them on your site. A detailed review of a theme or a plugin can give a boost to traffic and conversions. But in order to make your post look appropriate, you would need a way to display rankings of different product parameters as well as the general ranking of the product itself. WP Review does exactly that. This plugin is completely free of charge and allows you to present your reviews in a modern and convenient fashion.


· Different ranking system (stars, percentage, points);

· Easy customizable color-schemes;

· Translation ready;

· Supports WPMU.



What successful affiliate campaign can manage without banner ads? And although you can use services such as BySellAds, sometimes you need to put a custom made banner on your site. AdRotate helps you put banners in practically every place on your site. It provides an easy way to manage them from your dashboard, as well as track the number of impressions. You can also divide each of your banners into ad groups for easy management of your ad campaigns.


· Tracking the number of impressions;

· Geo targeting;

· Hiding your ads from ad blockers;

· Detailed stats (including stats export);

· All range of banner ad sizes.



WP125 is another plugin for banner ad management, however with an emphasis on 125 x 125 ads. The plugin allows you to put banners directly on your site, and provides an easy way to manage them and track banner ad impressions. You can set a counter for each ad, and be notified when any of your ads expire.


· Supports one or two column layout;

· Keep track of the ad impressions;

· Easy ad management via timer and email notifications.



The simplest and most popular solution for managing link redirection on your WordPress site. The plugin lets you manage 301 redirections and monitor 404 errors. It also generates a log of all the redirected URLs. Moreover, you are allowed to redirect all URLs, and not only those that don’t exist, which can be useful for your affiliate campaigns.


· Automatic 301 redirection when a post changes its URL;

· Fully localized;

· No .htaccess required;

· Supports regular expressions.


The list of affiliate plugins can go on. Although you can find many premium solutions for your website, sometimes a free plugin can be just what you need for your purposes. Let me know which plugins you prefer for your affiliate campaigns. Which of them are free? Share with me your thoughts in the comment section below.

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