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A great boom has been seen in email marketing among all levels of enterprises around the world.  Whether it is a startup or a well-known brand, everyone has adopted the trend towards email marketing in order to reach their prospective clients, promote brands, and share business details with partners across the world. To enable these specific requirements, companies have to design eye-catching emails that should include beautiful designs, images, photos, etc., to capture the attention of their prospective audience. To achieve these ends, you can find different types of email marketing templates designed by professionals. These email templates are being utilized by many businesses for their email marketing programs. So, pick the right email template design and enhance your business emails easily.

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Let’s explore some of the best email marketing designs which you may find useful in designing eye-catching business email for your targeted audience, such as:

1. Pick The Right Color Combination


Using the right color combination is essential for designing an attractive email for the targeted customer. Pick neon or contrasting colors to highlight the specific quotes or words that you explicitly want to display in the email. It will enhance the appeal of the content and will look impressive too.

2. Use Images & Photos


Incorporate images or photos in the email. These can also add more value to the marketing impact and will boost the appeal of the email for the targeted client.

3. Make Email Lighter


It works if your email includes relevant, but single, elements like one image or photo of the brand or company, a single headline, one description, etc. Adding all the features once in an email can make it lighter and easier to be assimilated.

4. Content Display


Improve the appearance of the content in email. Highlighting the special quotes in gray or black can work. Moreover, you can display the content in different fonts (bold or italic), sizes and colors as well. Applying diverse styles and colors to the content can enhance its appeal to the reader. Thus, correct content display in the email may also give a boost to the design of the email.

5. Creating A Good Color Palette


Develop a good color palette, or mix different colors for creating a palette for your email. It will help you to pick the right color for email design. The color palette should include five to seven options. This gives you the flexibility to use different colors for displaying text, link, background, headings, header, footer, etc., in diverse colors in the email.

6. Direct The Focus


By using the email content or other elements like photos and images smartly, you can focus the attention of the targeted audience. Make sure all elements in the email are unique and appealing to attract the attention of viewers and inspire them to take a look at the content at least once.

7. Display In Shapes


You can make an email template design more attractive by displaying content, photos and other elements in diverse shapes. For instance, show images or photos in a circular shape and implement curves or other geometric shapes to point out specific features in the email.

8. Make Email Seamless And Visible


Make sure whatever elements you use when designing the email are seamless and clearly visible. For instance, use images and photos in the email that have simple, clear and appealing designs. Reduce the image size judiciously without removing its border line or other enticing features, and display them prominently in the email.

9. Clear Visibility Of Your Message


Be clear about the visibility of your email message in its delivery to the audience. To accomplish this, you can display the message in a variety of fonts like bold, italic, and in different sizes. Moreover, showing message highlights in color may also enhance its visibility to some extent.

10. Representation of Email Elements


It’s necessary to ensure there is the adequate representation of each element of the email so that they are front and center for the viewer. Create a well-designed email layout first. Now, arrange the space to accommodate all of the images and content in an appropriate area of the body of the email. For instance, images can be displayed on the left and content on the right side of the email.

The above are vital points which should be remembered while creating an email template design for marketing campaign. Use all features of your email adequately and display them in the email body smartly to get the best outcomes.


For the success of your email marketing program, it’s essential to pick a right email template design that should include good color combination, visuals, images, photos, clearly visible message, etc. Ensure that all elements of the email are right aligned and fit well in the email body.

Written by:
Tina Jameson

Andrew Hudson is a professional email template designer at EmailChopper, he helps people learn how to design a compelling email for marketing need. He writes blogs and articles on diverse email marketing templates and their designs to pick for specific email marketing campaigns of businesses of all kinds.

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