Does Your Site Need An SEO Audit?

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The only things certain in life are said to be death and taxes. Since we have gone internet crazy, we can add another item to that list – that SEO rules will constantly change. If you have had a website for years, it will be something that you are painfully aware of.

It seems that just as you start to figure things out and get traffic humming over nicely, Google launches a new update and suddenly your traffic drops dramatically. Your best defense against these kinds of updates is to consider what the search engines are trying to achieve with them.

Most of the time, the updates relate to better content curation. They want the person entering the search term to get the very best results. They prioritize quality content and look at ways to catch out those using SEO tactics to artificially inflate their results.

For you, this means that SEO has become a delicate balancing act that is an ongoing process. SEO professionals will always advise you that your best defense is to conduct an SEO audit on your site at least twice a year, and also before the search engines implement a new update.


In addition to these regular SEO audits, you should also constantly monitor your site’s performance. You can do this yourself, or read through some reviews of SEO experts and hire a professional to do the job for you. You need to know whether traffic volumes have improved, are static, or are decreasing. You will also need to analyze what actions people are taking on your site, and whether or not the traffic is converting.

You could, for example, double the amount of traffic to your site. That is of no benefit if the extra traffic fails to convert. In fact, it might even do your site some harm if it increases your site’s bounce rate at the same time.

White hat SEO tactics center on increasing traffic to your site by providing top quality content that is of interest to your audience. The better the content is, and the more it fits in with what your audience is looking for, the better organic results you start to achieve.

To get SEO right, you need to be willing to take your game to the next level. And that means accepting that the tricks that worked well 10 years ago are not going to fly in today’s market. Prepare by doing regular site audits.


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