Color Psychology: An Undeniable Approach to Conversions Boost

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Conversions boost come with engagement and audience gets engaged when they feel connected to your web site. Though making your target audience connected to your web site can be challenging, but if hold them on your page longer than usual, it can turn things in your favor.

Now, the question arises, how to make target audience feel connected?

Many would shout for an enticing web design while other may praise content. However, there is a thing that has proven its significance at triggering human emotions, and it is the use of Colors!

Today, marketers around the world use colors for visual marketing. So, colors reign supreme when it comes to visual marketing.

What is Visual Marketing?

While scrolling down your Facebook news feed how many posts catch your attention? It is evident the ones with Images, GIFs, or Videos. It is natural to get stopped when your eyes see something visually appealing among the ocean of posts full of texts.

One of the strong reasons to leverage visual marketing is around 66 percent of people like us learn visually.

Smart marketers make the wise use of colors to create engaging posts in the form of infographics, presentations, corporate videos, and Pinterest pins. So, colors are always important! They bring audience closer to your brand. It makes your audience feel relatable and connected. This is what marketers say color psychology.

What is Color Psychology?

Color Psychology is a branch of a wide and complex field of behavioral psychology. It is the science that explains how color causes behavioral changes in humans. Today, from social media platforms to big brands, everyone uses color psychology for Conversions Boost.

Without a doubt, color psychology has become a key technique that many companies use for effective branding to engage customers and Conversions Boost.

Putting into simple words, color psychology is a technique to trigger emotions by making use of colors to connect with potential customers.

Color Psychology Impacts Your Marketing! How?

A journal title “Impact of Color on Marketing” by Satyendra Singh determined, online audience take a mere 90 seconds to form an opinion about a product. In addition to it, around 62-90 percent interaction is determined by the color of the product alone.

Nearly 93 percent of people say visual stimulation was the reason they pushed the buy now button. Further, every 2/3 customers buy large appliances only when they get them in their preferred color. (Source: Kissmetrics)

After highlighting some striking information, let’s see how different colors impact your marketing!

Today, from social media platforms to big brands, everyone uses color psychology for Conversions Boost. Let’s explore how different colors play their part in marketing and branding.


Red color is one of the most premium color used by organizations. It invokes strong emotions, no wonder why it is extensively used in marketing and branding. World’s leading restaurants use this color to stimulate appetite. Various ecommerce sites use Red color in their CTAs to create urgency for clearance.

Leading brands that use this color include Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, Stumble Upon, Adidas, Puma, Lee Cooper, Coca-Cola, Kellogg’s, Toyota, Heinz, KFC, CNN, TIME, Adobe, and others.


Yellow color denotes optimism, youthfulness, and increases cheerfulness & warmth. Further, it causes fatigue and strain on the eyes, therefore, many site uses this color to grab attention of window shoppers. Another reason you should use because it is responsible for stimulating mental processes, nervous system, and promotes creativity, clarity, and communication.

Brands that are using Yellow color are Nikon, National Geographic, IMDB, DHL, BEST BUY, M letter of McDonald’s, and others.


Men prefer Blue color the most. It represents serenity, peace, vastness, contemplation, and productivity. No wonder why most of the corporate offices use blue in their interior and even on web site.

Some notable names that use this color are Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Skype, WordPress, IBM, Samsung, Oreo, Dell, Ford, and others.


Orange color represents aggression, warmth, excitement, and enthusiasm. So, a brand using orange color reflects its high confidence. Marketers use this color in CTAs like Buy, Sell, Call, and Subscribe.

Names using this color include Mozilla Firefox, Fanta, HubSpot, Gulf, Blogger, and others.


Green color denotes nature, health, tranquility, and wealth. It alleviates depression and represents new growth. This color is extensively used in stores to relax. Famous brands using this color include Android, Land Rover, Shopify, Tropicana, HESS, JOHN DEERE, and others.


It is a symbol of royalty, wealth, success, and wisdom. From marketing perspective, it is used to describe beauty or anti-aging products. Use of purple to promote eatable products describes royalty.

Brands using this color include Cadbury, Hallmark, Yahoo!, FedEx, lady Speed Stick, Monster, and many others.


It is the universal color of love. Pink color is romantic and feminine. Therefore, this color is highly used by many ecommerce portals to market and sell products to woman and young girls.

Some popular names using pink color are Barbie, Pink Floyd, COSMOPOLITAN, Haier, LG, Pink studios, and others.


Black is the color of sophistication, luxury, and mystery. Men prefer this color a lot. Marketers use this color to market luxury products. Brand that use this color include Amazon, Apple, and others.

Talking about the Internet giants like Google and Microsoft, both use Multicolor (Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow) in their logo. Now, let see where you should use the colors as mentioned above.

Right Places to Use Colors

You can use colors on your different social media profiles and posts. Customize settings to change the text color, use profile picture or featured image having that color to leave a great impression on the minds of the audience. In addition to it, the best place to experiment with colors is your web site.

For instance, imagine you create and post an infographic by making use of certain color combination. When online users visit your corporate web site via that post and find the same color combo on your web site, it makes them feel relatable.

Another example to consider is if you are an ecommerce company that sells products for both men and women. Use color wisely! The top three colors that men love the most are Blue, Green, and Black. While if we talk about women, consider using Blue, Purple, and Green the most on their product pages. It will impact your sales.

Case Studies That Proves Color Psychology Works for Conversions Boost!

Let’s take a glance at the brands that achieved high conversion with the help of colors. Performable Saw 21% Conversions Boost by Leveraging Color Psychology Performable is a market automation company that develops software for companies that need to analyze sales and marketing performance. They changed the color of their CTA button from Green to Red which resulted in 21% increase in conversions. RIPT Apparel got 6.3% Increase in Sales

Note: Every business is unique so is yours! Test colors on your web site first to identify what works best for you! Over to You So, what color you use for your brand? Is it serving the purpose? Marketing is done for branding, and it is all about creative and innovative thinking. How creative are you? Start playing with colors to see what works the best to implement. Share if you have something to tell.

Written by:
Abhyudaya Tripathi

Abhyudaya Tripathi is a digital marketing expert with over 8 years of precious experience and presently he is an Associate Director at ResultFirst-Pay for Performance SEO Company. He is extremely passionate about making information seekers and quest lovers aware about digital marketing.

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  • “I love how these colors can impact your marketing strategies. As for me, I am very visual too, when I see some colorful images or infographics it really does catch my attention. So I get how it can boost your marketing scheme. I’m a web designer so I love playing with colors on my cool website designs here
    and it really does help with driving traffic.”

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