A Basic Guide to Influencer Marketing for Magento Store

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“People perform 80% of the shopping transactions online recommended by their influencers”. Do you ever wonder that while scrolling through the social feed you find your interested products by well-known online influencers like sports athlete or a celebrity?


Let’s imagine that you see a product recommended by your favorite health or beauty blogger. You will certainly feel more authentic for the brand and will look out for the product features and will order it too in most cases! That is the magic! Nowadays, when the digital industry is ruling and making a change to the economies of businesses, Influencer marketing can be a blessing to promote your brand to the millions of new users and followers for higher sales and branding[1].

Definition of Influencer Marketing:

When it comes to influencer marketing, you should be aware of the fact that who is an influencer? Influencers are basically known as bloggers or YouTubers or anyone who has been sharing some helpful content on various platforms like facebook, youtube, blogs, Instagram, Pinterest and much more! They have a certain amount of audience based on their niche. They regularly talk about the enhancement and useful tips for the users.

For Example, Talking about the hair and beauty bloggers. They share the solutions related to all the hair and skin care related problems. So that people who have a similar interest like that will end up finding them and will follow them for regular tips and tricks. Be it a human nature or tendency, once a user finds them trustworthy they apply and follow each and every tips and product recommended by them.

Now, that’s how big or small businesses can take advantage of these influencers. Let’s read how you can get skyrocket sales with influencers marketing for your store.

If you are a startup, first of all, you have to set up your eCommerce store. For the specific platform selection, My suggestions would go with the Magento. Get the help of Magento Development Company to get your eCommerce store on the web.

Strategies for the Campaign

Talking about the marketing of your products demands a great marketing strategy. Any great sales define the plan of the action that should be taken to achieve the long-term results from all the influencer marketing campaigns. To get the long-term results, first of all, you need is to define your end goals. After deciding your end marketing goals, define your end audience, your budget etc. Buyer personas play the most important role in determining which influencers you should select for your campaign. With the required information regarding the buyers’ personas, you can create the successful marketing strategy using the platform you intend to work on.

Hunt for the Right Influencer

The second and the most important thing includes selecting the right influencer for your marketing campaign. While you are looking to choose the right influencer to market your product consider following things:

1)   Niche

2)   Audience Base

3)   Audience number

4)   Popularity on Social Platforms

Talking about choosing the right influencer, first and obvious thing is to look for the right niche as that the basic thing. Once you get the right niche influencer, you will get a big list of influencers on any of the social media platform. The key point of choosing the right person is to look for how popular they are on their channel, blog and social media platforms as well. Based on these parameters you will filter out some of the most famous influencers based on your product niche which are capable to showcase your product to their audience and get your great sales through their users.

Communicate and Decide the Budget

It does not end at all after you find the list of influencers. You will have to make strong communication with them. Talking about the budget, they will share their budget based on the number of products you want to market with them. And trust me, many of them will give you so much expensive rates! Yes! Too much expensive. But some of them are worth it! Because great successful influencers have subscribers in millions! Now just imagine! If you get even 10k sales from those millions your goal is half achieved!

That’s why filter out the pricing based on the popularity and audience base of influencer and communicate them with the product pricing proposal. They will provide you a deadline to market your products.

Opt for Strong Relationships

Remember one thing that these influencers constantly works on increasing their audience! So it is smart to build a healthy relationship with them. It does not end with paying them with such amount for a single round of marketing! No! It is all about maintaining the right and strong relationships with these influencers to execute even bigger marketing campaigns with them. Building genuine and strong relationships with the influencers can mark a great impact on your Magento development store.

Always try to be in touch with these influencers after the campaign to attain the new opportunities for better tomorrow. Send them samples of your newly launched products, gifts on special occasions and wish them on special days! These will make your bound to business even stronger.

Generate Coupon Codes

To make your marketing strategies even more interesting, you can generate coupon codes which include their name in it! It will encourage them more to engage and aware more and more users towards your products! You can even offer them discounts on your products. It also helps your products to achieve great sales.

Wrapping up…

So, now you know that after selecting a Magento Development Company you have to create a great engaging eCommerce store which includes some unique products and services to the users. Once you have something that you can propose to your users, set up the process of marketing, invest in your marketing efforts, find the right influencers and you are good to go!  All you have to keep in mind that influencer marketing is not a one time process. Keep building the great relationship with them in order to achieve the great sales!

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