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A company that aims to expand its reach and become more visible in the online sales industry has to incorporate a certain set of principles. These principles play an essential role in shaping growth structure of the company. For instance, introducing engaging content can nudge up customer retention which, in turn, can help increase conversion rates. By adding these principles to the marketing mix, many obstacles can be overcome. In this article we will discuss the factors of a successful marketing strategy that help your customers in promoting your products.

Among the several forms of engagement that customers exhibit, there is one that overpowers any form of organic marketing and produces results that no other strategy can achieve. Brand Familiarity creates the awareness necessary for the products to flourish while Brand Loyalty defines a percentage dedicated to the sales of your products. But Brand Evangelism is the purest form of dedication and devotion a customer can give to the company. It’s a term that best describes the exalted state of loyalty the customer exhibits to an extent that he or she comes to advocate for it.

Brand Evangelism

A brand evangelist is classified as the true follower of a particular company’s products. He/she talks about it, shares the company’s motives and becomes involved in every way possible to promote the brand. In the online web community, brand evangelists can play an important role towards getting more exposure and visibility for the company. Here are 8 ways you can make sure your pool of brand evangelists keeps filling.

1. Set a Distinction

First things first, create a distinction that helps your brand stand out from among your competitors. That does not mean you have to make enemies out of them, but take advantage of every opportunity to surpass the competition with out-of-the-box thinking and innovative products. Present a defined image that does not merge with the products or policies of the competitor companies. Make yourself different so that the average user wants to try you and your products/services…

2. Value Customer Feedback


A company that has an ear for customer feedback never gets ignored. Even if the revenues don’t add up that well, a brand that listens becomes the champion. Similarly, giving your full attention to your customers, who like to share their thoughts and opinions about your products and policies, can be an inspiration to other customers. Give your shout out to your brand evangelists by incorporating a piece of their advice wherever necessary. This not only improves the overall performance of your product campaigns but also shows the level of involvement with your clients.

3. Follow the Sequence

Brand evangelism cannot be achieved with a swish of a wand. It is a systematic process that requires patience and order. First comes brand awareness that nullifies any form of resistance the user has about your products. Then comes brand loyalty, which helps you keep your customers who are steady supporters. Once your customers become actively involved in purchasing your products and start appreciating their quality and features, the next step is brand evangelism.

4. Give Individual Attention

Creating a group of free advertising individuals is not as easy as it might sound. There is a certain amount of interaction involved in the form of communication that helps in sealing the deal. Use social media channels and forums to point out commenters that speak in your favor or appreciate your products and services. Give them handouts and special offers thus creating a valued environment for them. Empower the group of customers who believe in your brand by awarding services and gifts that dictate they are special. Then you will have an army willing to spread your supremacy without costing a dime.

5. Keep them Energized

Every evangelist has a special investment in spreading your name but although it might seem they do it for free, it is quite the contrary in reality. Brand evangelists are loyalists and followers of the purest form, but like all humans they require spiritual energy in the form of appreciation. Without your company’s acknowledgement and gratitude, they cannot promote your brand in a broad way. Leave no space for doubt and keep them connected with your teams.

6. Use Personas

In order to ensure you have a foolproof strategy that counts for something, use personas to test drive your ideas. Personas are artificial characters with the same qualities of your average customer. Incorporating them in your trials can help reduce chances of errors and strengthen the quality of your services and products. Before you make your move on brand-loyal customers, be sure you know how they will react to what you are offering them. Personas behave the same way by helping you understand customer interaction in ideal conditions, hence setting a standard with which to compare your results.

7. Participation Helps keep Evangelists Alive

Active participation means more than just a ‘thankyou’ and ‘good work’ comment. Ask them questions and extract testimonials from them to ensure they are a part of your image. In competitive marketing, companies are often bent on showing numbers but fail to determine the quality of their following. Do not focus on numbers but the quality of followers you have. An active evangelist is worth a million non active followers so never let go of what you have before campaigning to acquire new ones. For instance, creating contests and distributing souvenirs is a proven method of making evangelists out of your brand-loyal customers from websites, forums and social media pages.

8. Set an Easy Criterion for Becoming an Evangelist

Becoming an evangelist should not be treated like a licensed profession. Set an easy criterion that is approachable and uncomplicated. Making it easy for brand loyalists to convert into evangelists will help you increase your numbers and replace others who have become inactive. You can also open discussion and community questionnaires to encourage them and later make them a part of your advertising campaigns by giving incentives.

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Joy Billings

Asad Ali is a digital marketer with a combined experience of more than 7 years in the eCommerce industry. His expertise includes boosting conversions and design optimization. He is currently working for Go-Gulf– a premium .

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