4 Reasons WooCommerce is Your Ultimate Ecommerce Platform

04.16.2018 no comments

Internet sales are blossoming, with more and more businesses now going online, it is vital that there are effective places where retailers can start building online stores. That’s where WooCommerce comes in. It is an open source WordPress ecommerce plugin that allows users to make great online stores at very little cost, without the need for a huge amount of technical knowledge. Next to some good hosting and WordPress itself, WooCommerce is all you need to start making some serious sales online. Here is why WooCommerce is the right platform for you.

Extensions – If you want to make your online store interesting with a range of features, then WooCommerce allows you to do this thanks to its range of extensions available for users. There are about 600 for you to choose from, a number which is growing all the time. A few examples include reviews, product management, coupons, digital forms and more.

Marketing – It is all well and good having an amazing ecommerce store, but you will still struggle to get the visitors in if no one knows that you are there. WooCommerce has a range of marketing tools that can help you out and boost your ROI, with options of customized campaigns and the ability to track your customers and subscribers.

Inventory and Reporting – WooCommerce makes managing inventories seem almost effortless. Plus, the reporting feature can help you get a good idea of how your digital store is working, and check if there is anything you could work on improving.

Design – One of the most important things about an online store is how it looks. Front end design can play a huge part in whether your business is successful or not, failing to give a good user experience could end up with shopping cart abandonment. There are a huge range of themes available on WooCommerce which allows you to create a beautiful, unique store very quickly. If you want, there is also the option to hire a WooCommerce developer to do the work for you.



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