20 + Best Resources for Designers’ Inspiration of 2016

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Creative people put so much effort into everything they do that it won’t be a mistake to say that each masterpiece contains a part of its author’s soul. When you are obsessed with some idea you forget everything, you don’t eat, don’t sleep and look at other people like an alien. If such kind of state if familiar to you, that means you are a real artist. You really enjoy your work, so you can be considered a happy person course it’s important to reveal your inner potential to the fullest.

Web design is a kind of work that demands an artistic nature and commitment if you want to reach the top level of expertise and recognition of course. Your mind is always busy innovating something to come out with: a new, better way of coding, new method, technique or even a design trend that will strike the imagination of web community. Mind work can be rather exhausting. That is the reason why every web designer & developer runs out of inspiration from time to time. Everybody has his/her own energy refilling recipe. Some escape to their favorite place, others meditate, work out, sit at the river bank watching the water, read books, watch movies, hang out with friends, drink cocktails, eat delicious food, dance, laugh, have fun and so on. There are plenty of things to do, everything depends on personal preferences.

However, there is at least one thing all creative nerds do either before starting the next project or to get inspired. They watch what other people do. This is really helpful as you should always keep an eye on your competitors. Browsing somebody’s work that looks and performs stunning stimulates us to perfect our own skills and create better designs.

We’ve gathered 20+ web design galleries collecting the best works from all over the globe for you to view and light up your creativity flame. By the way, you can not only view others works, but feature your own ones on those galleries to get a portion of healthy criticism/admiration from your colleagues or even find potential customers.

Some of the galleries include free UI elements, articles, life hacks, etc. that will save your time and help to become more efficient without sweating day and night on your design.

Site Inspire


SiteInspire is a showcase of the finest web and interactive design. You can browse 4,983 sites by style, type, or subject there. Websites are chosen and curated by Howells—Studio. Becoming a member you will receive weekly email digest, add sites to collections, and submit sites for consideration.

The Best Designs

the besr designs

The website is a curation of the best web designs and their authors, featured for their expertise. Thousands of designers, students and business professionals visit ‘The Best Designs’ regularly to see new works, upcoming trends or just searching design inspiration.

Webdesign Inspiration

Webdesign Inspiration

The gallery collects the best designs all over the world for web designers to get inspired. It is frequently updated and has categories and multi-category tool, which makes the website easy to navigate.

Unmatched Style

Unmatched Style

Unmatched Style is a CSS design gallery. They foster constructive design criticism and provide inspiration to their readers in the form of informative articles, interviews and discussion. Unmatched Style encourages you not only to submit your own sites, but any site that you feel is worthy of being listed there. To do so, you need to visit their submission form, and input the required information.



This website is a one man show. It was founded in 2008 by David Hellmann (designer and developer). It’s his biggest hobby side project. David calls this websites his visual bookmark collection. For you it’s a website to get inspiration for new projects or something else.

CSS Design Awards

CSS Design Awards

CSSDA is an international web design and development awards platform that honors and showcases freelance designers, studios and agencies for work that pushes the boundaries of creativity, functionality and usability. Daily, monthly and yearly awards are presented for outstanding creativity and technical proficiency. Winners are rewarded by way of official certificates and prestigious trophies plus recognition from industry leaders and tens of thousands of daily visitors to the CSSDA site.

CSS Winner

CSS Winner

CSS Winner is a unique global platform awarding and showcasing the best websites and promoting innovative web designers, developers and agencies. They popularize the websites designed elsewhere through CSS Winner, increasing competence and coherence in collation and awarding them.

jQuery Rain

jQuery Rain

jQuery Rain includes jQuery webdesign, website themes, free templates, code pieces, angular JS plugins, and blog posts. You can submit your own tutorial on site if you want to contribute.

Best CSS



Site mission is to discover, recognize and promote the talent and effort of web designers, developers and agencies who create unique digital experiences that are useful, innovative, intuitive and beautiful. Best CSS is a service for web designers and website owners to help with exposure and link building. The Site of the day websites are in a tight competition to be the Site of the day. Web designers, design teams, agencies, website owners and CSS enthusiasts are invited to submit websites for consideration.

nice one! I like!


You can view the websites featured there or if you are a designer and you think that your website looks great than send them your link and site crew will add your website on www.niceoneilike.com. Besides, if you find a wonderful website that deserves to be linked on nice one! I like! because you think it can inspire other people than send them that link.



Behance is the leading online platform to showcase & discover creative work. They update regularly to broadcast it widely and efficiently. Companies & individuals explore the work and access talent on a global scale.



Web designers, graphic designers, illustrators, icon artists, typographers, logo designers, and other creative types share small screenshots (shots) that show their work, process, and current projects on Dribbble. This is the right place to show and tell, promote, discover, and explore design.

We Love WP

we love WP

This WordPress Design Inspiration Gallery now features 4559 websites. You can submit your website for a chance to be a part of it.

Admire the Web

admire the web

Admire the Web is where the very best in website design inspiration is shown – carefully curated and organized to keep you inspired.



The gallery collects the freshest web designs that come from the creators of the world’s best-looking web sites. You can also learn new tricks (web effects) there. You will find links to the companies that are easy to work with and that have demonstrated both practicality in web design, web design excellence, or have shown proficiency in an area that supports web design as well.

Cool Home Pages

cool home pages

CoolHomepages was started in 1997 by Tim Donahue who was a busy web designer at the time, as a personal project to aggregate the best web designs he could find, for use as inspiration and reference. Since then, Tim and Dawn have enjoyed using their mixed background in web, print and design to start a series of online companies. CoolHomepages grew and it soon became apparent that a lot of other web site designers enjoyed CoolHomepages for the same reason Tim did. The ability for others to submit their work was added and the site continued to grow. In October 2011 the site was 100% redesigned and recoded and all the content updated and re-populated and many new features were added such as the Blog, Designer Portfolios, revamped Template Store and User Critique area to name a few.

CSS Nectar

css- nectar

CSS Nectar is a CSS website design showcase for web designers and developers. Every day they select the best of the web design and add it to their gallery.

CSS Based


CSS Based is an online resource and inspiration guide for web agencies, designers and developers who take interest in websites that combine the powers of design, web standards and CSS. CSS Based aims to promote, discuss and inspire the fast and furious web audience in the area of design, CSS and web standards – combined. They want to show that good design and web standards are two sides of the same coin. CSS Based aims not only to promote the finest and most beautiful websites that use CSS and web standards, but also to engage visitors to learn more about the technologies and how they can help to build better web sites.

Cart Frenzy

cart frenzy

CartFrenzy is a web design gallery that showcases the most well-designed e-commerce and shopping websites. While there are many general web design galleries out there, CartFrenzy exists for a specific purpose, to provide design inspiration for those who are creating e-commerce sites.


fit design

FltDsgn gallery is dedicated to collecting the best websites designed in flat style.

Land Book

land book

A growing product landing pages gallery. Take your portion of inspiration or take part in the process of creation.

CSS Garden

CSS Garden

CSS Garden is a web design gallery showcasing fantastic, original website designs from around the world since 2009. The design gallery is an inspiration repository for designers and developers to seek out trends, and see how other sites have come to a solution in both design and in the development, whether it be responsive and mobile design to advanced CSS and javascript. It also allows to keep track of the sites you like on your own personal design wall, and showcase your work in a personal gallery.

We hope you liked our collection of resources for your inspiration. Which ones do you like the most? Or maybe you know another good way to inspire? Please leave your comments at the comment section below.

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Helga Moreno is a learning junkie, requiring a new dose of fresh information every day. She is always keeping her notepad at hand in order not to miss a single thrilling event happening in cyberspace. She diligently puts down all her thought in order to share the most interesting of them with web community in general and TemplateMonster’s readers in particular. For more inspirational posts check her and accounts.

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