10 Ways Technology Can Raise Your Creative Game

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Many fail to realize the role of technology in encouraging creative ideas flourish. This marriage of technology and creativity have improved many sectors like banking, trade, sports, education, etc. drastically.

Connectivity has paved the path for people to work together breaking the barriers of boundaries, distances or time zones. Creative people all over the world are inspired by their community due to technology. As connectivity was improved, people have more access towards a database of techniques and tools that can help in fueling their creativity. Content creation is also easier with the influx of creative suits and tools like Affinity Photo, Adobe Photoshop, and CorelDraw.

Even if one gets access to all these tools, it’s is important to get feedback. It can help in evolving your project by making necessary changes. So, how can you get the expert comments? Well, technology has made it possible. There are many forums online dedicated to particular topics where expert feedbacks are offered.

The ‘cost to be creative’ have also come down. Didn’t get me? Due to technology, many resources and tools have gone incredibly cheap thus reducing the losses even if a creative project fails to take off. As technology evolved, it gave birth to new marketing platforms. The internet, for example, is used by around three billion people a day. Here, you can market your creative ideas.

Technology also deserves credit for lifting bureaucratic and institutional barriers that often restrict creativity. In most domains, creative products used to be evaluated by formal experts before the influx of technology as we know it. Even if their views are sensible, they can also be affected by errors of judgment, politics, and bias. If we take a look at the history, we can regard this as a reason for artists like Franz Kafka and Vincent van Gogh failing to achieve the deserved recognition during their lifetime.

The tables have turned in the recent past as non-expert consumers, and the general public gets to judge the fruits of creativity across domains with the influx of creativity. The power of institutions and bureaucrats in deciding whether something is creative or not have diminished. Creativity has become increasingly meritocratic as internet lifted the divide between the public and the creators. Even though the absolute value of any form of creativity will be calculated based on consensus, it has become much more open that it was before. Don’t believe me? Youtube celebrities like PewDiePie and artists like PSY are examples of how creative products are reaching more number of people with the influx of technology.

Since technology is a landscape that is ever changing, it can open up new avenues to accentuate your creativity and can also help you learn to adapt. Percolation of creativity has also increased as more and more people are gaining access to different technology. The creative economy has witnessed a whopping 45% increase in jobs since 1997. It means that opportunities and platforms for people to express their creative ideas are on the rise. To know more about how technology can aid your creativity, take a look at the infographic below:


In short, the chances are high for the layman to connect with experts in a particular domain. The cost has gone down, and access to information is on the rise. Many marketing avenues are created, and the growth in connectivity have helped people to get more out of each other.

Written by:
Tina Jameson

Eliza Rafle is an artist and a graphic designer who is currently in content creation about how design and creativity have been helped by dynamically changing technology.

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