10 Creative Packaging Design Trends For 2018

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Packaging is an increasingly important market. The time has gone when Packaging was only meant for safely delivering a product to its destination. The Packaging designer needs to looks for attention, details, skilled design, Influential, and something that is truly a beautiful art without compromising its perceived value. Packaging is a key component of the product mix, fulfilling several major and necessary functions. It protects the formula and guarantees the safety of the consumer. It enables the product to be transported. It provides information about the product, whether legal or related to its composition or use. Its shape, color, and sensoriality express the brand characteristics, making it a key factor in the performance of the product.

In this article, we will be discussing 10 Creative Packaging Design Trends for 2018.


Trend No 1 – Gradients

The gradient is one of the best Trend this year. By using Gradient color to create board impression and also to give depth. When the elements of depth and shadow come together, it is called a gradient which adds form and dimensionality to a packaging.

Trend No 2 – Holographic

The Holographic Trend has been around for the past few years and this year, it is back in limelight. The metallic material gives a shiny and eye-catching design to the product package. The foil stamping converts any ordinary object packaging to a luxurious and premium product. The shine reflects higher value to the customers.

Trend No 3 – Bold Colors

This is the year is a good one for Bold Color trend. They are a combination of patterns, shapes and bright colors that radiate fresh feelings from the packaging to the customer. The main ingredient of this trend is the right usage of colors in the right places.

Trend No 4 – Bold Typo

This trend makes the product stand out confidently and gives a clear and strong message. It uses bright colors and bold typography. Well-chosen colors teaming up with right words can work at its best and this is what that makes this Trend one of the most simple and straight.

Trend No 5 – Vintage

This trend focuses on providing details of a brand to create a long-term perspective and branding. Using an Old School approach, this trend conveys a message about the craftsmanship that led to this product. It has an aauthentic feel and a totally different vibe of originality.

Trend No 6 – Shapes and Elements

They are the mixture of Custom Shapes and elements to create unique designs. This Design uses Patterns, Flat Shapes and Custom Illustrations making it a great choice this year.

Trend No 7 – Geometric Patterns

This is going to be a famous trend in 2018. It uses Geometric shapes to create interesting and beautiful patterns. The geometric patterns are used in such a way that it reflects the brand value and related information that needs to be conveyed to the customer.

Trend No 8 – Minimal Design

This trend has been one of the most admired trends in the last few years and the scenario isn’t going to change much. It comprises of a lot of negative space so that the customer will interact only with the necessary information related to the product. It is totally based on simplicity and reliability. The observer gets to know everything he/she wants to know by just giving it a short look. It accesses the intuitive side of your mind by gathering just the right information.

Trend No 9 – Sustainable Packaging

Responsible packaging is a strategic lever for improvement. Here, we’re talking about Sustainable Packaging. Sustainable packaging refers to the use of new technologies, new recycled or resourced materials, to make the packaging lighter and environment-friendly.

Trend No 10 – Essentialism

Essentialism gives consumers enough unpack information to make informed, enlightened purchasing decision while not overwhelming their shopping experience. It gives them just the right amount of information to make their purchasing decision based on their needs and their time.

The prime focus points of today’s packaging designer must be innovation in a cost-effective manner that embraces sustainability goals hand in hand. Today’s packaging designer should focus on a mixture of functionality and frugality and build packaging out of minimum resources that we can use from nature.

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Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprak Design. He would love to share thoughts on Product Packaging Design Company, Lifestyle Design, Branding Firm, Exhibition design etc.

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