Stuck in getting to know what WebAPI and RMS are? Look through the page to learn more about these tools

Are you a programmer and want your own shop to be launched?

WebAPI is a set of scripts gathered in one interface for sending information about our products from TemplatesMonster’s database to your server. The retrieving of information is set to be 1 time a day by default. It is an excellent tool for web programmers who are closely acquainted with such programming languages as PHP, ASP, Perl, Coldfusion, etc. Setting all the WebAPI scripts properly on your end you can create your own custom template shop. You can check our WebAPI documentation prepared specifically for our affiliates’ reference.

Are you a web-user without any programming skills but still want a ready-made store? Catch the key!

Presets. Our programmers team have generated the default settings for simple web-users to let them open their own ready-made stores. The Presets interface is the most advanced and flexible tool in usability and management. It is a saved group of settings that will help you to build your own ready-made store and can be applied to each affiliate tool separately.

Two versions of custom ready-made shops that we offer. It’s up to you which one to choose.

RMS version 1 – custom HTML store built on presets and JAVA scripts. It’s a real turnkey solution for those affiliates who don’t want to handle with settings and management. Everything is set up for you.
RMS version 2 – interactive shop with admin area built on WebAPI. It means that your shop will be updated at least once a day to add our new released templates and products. As it is mentioned below, you can manage your store through the admin area which you can check throughly online (the details to log in are username: demoadmin and password: demopassword). By the way, you can play with the Theme Switcher to check all default skins we offer for RMS 2.

Steps to create your ready-made store

  • Register affiliate account and generate preset code
  • Download your RMS and install it to your server
  • Track your sales and get 30% commission from each.

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